Qualcomm's new 5G chip helped create a face-mounted Android tablet

A collaboration between Qualcomm and RealWear has graced us with a head-mounted 5G connected Android tablet called the HMZ-1 and HMZ-1Z1. This ruggedized wearable snaps onto a hard hat, and puts a display in front of a worker's eye providing a view equal to a seven-inch tablet with voice controls.

By using this Android tablet wearable thing, workers will be able to connect to 5G and IoT sensor data provided by UROS and its partners. This greatly speeds up the communication and troubleshooting by allowing workers to consult with teams of experts, retrieve data, or connect to machines, even in extremely loud environments.

If you think this sounds really cool, then you're right, but unfortunately, the HMZ-1 and HMZ-1Z1 are not for consumers. However, 10,000 of these RealWear wearables powered by Qualcomm will be provided by UROS to industrial workers for a project in Kazakhstan. The project is set to begin later this year, and will build out a wireless e-roaming "smart connectivity" network.

What is 5G Technology?

Jason England