Puzzle game Sand Slides launches on Android

Sand Slides, an interesting puzzle game with a large iOS user base, is making the move to launch on Android today as well. In typical puzzle game fashion, the concept of Sand Slides is quick to pick up but hard to master. There are three containers at the top of the screen and three hoppers at the bottom, and your objective is to move the sand that collects at the top into the proper color-coded hopper. Sounds simple, but things pick up quickly and you have to start getting inventive with your swipes to keep the sand going in the right direction.

The game keeps you entertained with cool backgrounds and music, adding to the experience. If you're interested in a good puzzle time-waster game, head to the Play Store link above and check out Sand Slides for $0.99.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • You know what else has a large iOS user base? iPhones! ...and I don't want one. Just tell me about the game. How many people with an iOS device downloaded it makes no difference to me. That being said, thanks for the heads-up about this game being released.
  • aww, thought this was a new falling sand game (http://fallingsandgame.com/sand/index.html) But it's not, its kind of crappy compared to the falling sands game, even though that game was years old. I think I will pass... and they want a dollar haha
  • @HAAS599 Lighten up. People like you give android users a bad name. Please learn the notion that ios games/apps are far superior in quality and choice at the moment. So any movement towards android is well appreciated by people like me who have endured years and years of crappy software from android devs.
  • Years of crappy devs? Bit over exaggerated I'm guessing. You are in fact, the type that makes android users look bad. Android has plenty of AMAZING developers. Maybe you should shy away from the obvious crap stuff in the play store and it will limit your "years of crappy devs" problem.
  • JinxOnU is a game I really liked.The Google play link for JinxOnu is: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.megabew.jinxonu