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Put a little Ice Cream Sandwich in your computer with Roboto fonts

We're all frustrated at the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich on our phones and tablets, but maybe a little Roboto on your computer can help fill that void. The Android design team has popped out some official Roboto fonts that can be installed on just about any device that can display True Type fonts, and they look great on your desktop or laptop. Getting them is easy, just download them from the Android Design page, and install according to your OS specifications.

They'll give you a fresh, clean look that's easy to read and scales great. The best part is that they're absolutely free for use and "without restriction" for use in applications, so developers can use them in things like Web apps and desktop widgets. Sure beats the Comic Sans look. See the source link for downloads and the specimen book.

Source: Android Design; via +Android

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I'm not frustrated waiting for ICS, I've already got it on my Transformer. What frustrates me, is the fact that I can't use my new software b/c the damn power adapter stopped working outta the blue! (and I can't seem to find a new one anywhere) I've already tried the freezer thing; didn't work. I've been using my mother-in-law's iPad....And I don't like it! Ahhrrrg! Thanks for letting me vent fellow A-Centralites
  • I happen to have an extra charger for the OG Transformer laying about. Would you like to buy it from me? It was bought from Office Depot (or was it OfficeMax? I can't remember). I took it out if the box and tested it once and it went straight inti the box again. It's practically new. It can be yours for just $20 shipped. Btw, love the ICS update on my Transformer but I can see another update for bug fixes soon.
  • Not everyone is frustrated. Posted from either my galaxy nexus or my Xoom. (and yeah, I'm being a jerk...sorry)
  • Hey, if you've got it, be a jerk about it. Jerkily posted from a phone that has also got it.
  • Sorry, but can i be a jerk with you ? Hehe
    Galaxy nexus and asus prime rocking 160gb :-) I just love ICS.
  • Theres a wait? Ive had it on my Nexus S 4G since the day the first aosp ROM dropped, and my Transformer Prime has an official build. Its really all a matter of how bad you want it! Pretty stoked to get to use the Roboto font elsewhere though!
  • Sadly, these fonts look pretty lousy on Windows 7 (stair-stepped edges even with font smoothing enabled). Whatever Microsoft does to make their fonts look so nice should be done to these. At present, I wouldn't use them...
  • I don't know where the settings are in Windows 7, but you used to be able to enable cleartype font smoothing which would make the fonts look immensely better. I'm still trying to find out if there is a monospace version of this Roboto font so that I can use it for my irc client :D
  • Roboto has been my main resume font for months now :)
  • How does Roboto differ from the Droid font that has been around for a couple of years? From the screenie it looks pretty much the same.
  • Here's a font review of Roboto, and a brief defense by the type designer. For those that are into such things.