Buy a HTC One M9, get 00 in Google Play credit

HTC is offering customers a $100 Google Play credit when purchasing an HTC One M9 now through October 31. Previously, HTC ran a similar promotion for customers who purchased a Verizon One M9, but this time it is not a Verizon exclusive deal. This time around, however, HTC is opening the promotion up to all carrier and unlocked models of the One M9.

To qualify for the $100 credit, all you have to do is head to the site below and begin your order. This time around, you will need to purchase the phone online, and not from a carrier.

Whether you have been looking to make the switch to Android, or are looking to upgrade your current phone, this great offer allows you to pick up some new apps, movies and more on HTC's dime. Will the One M9 be your next phone? Let us know in the comments below what you will be spending your $100 credit on.

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