Prototype Android Tablet runs Flash & Air flawlessly

Adobe is certainly loving Android these days. Adobe's latest love letter: showcasing a prototype Android tablet running Flash and Adobe Air apps "flawlessly". At the Web 2.0 Expo, an Android tablet was caught running Flash and Air apps, and it was well, running very well. Given that  Flash extends the usefulness of tablet devices, to have it this usable in an Android tablet would certainly give it a leg up against, say, an iPad.

However, we do have to stay realistic in what this demo means for Android devices in the future. The demo was shown by Adobe and the device is a prototype (we have no idea what hardware is behind it), we can't expect all Android devices to run Flash so well. Let's just hope all the kinks are worked out before Flash comes in Android 2.2.

Hit the jump to see Flash in action on the Android tablet! [zedomax via engadget]

Casey Chan