Prototype Android Tablet runs Flash & Air flawlessly

Adobe is certainly loving Android these days. Adobe's latest love letter: showcasing a prototype Android tablet running Flash and Adobe Air apps "flawlessly". At the Web 2.0 Expo, an Android tablet was caught running Flash and Air apps, and it was well, running very well. Given that  Flash extends the usefulness of tablet devices, to have it this usable in an Android tablet would certainly give it a leg up against, say, an iPad.

However, we do have to stay realistic in what this demo means for Android devices in the future. The demo was shown by Adobe and the device is a prototype (we have no idea what hardware is behind it), we can't expect all Android devices to run Flash so well. Let's just hope all the kinks are worked out before Flash comes in Android 2.2.

Hit the jump to see Flash in action on the Android tablet! [zedomax via engadget]

Casey Chan
  • Yeah!!!! I guess. The big question I've got about the whole tablet scene, is how many people will actually use them? Sure some will read books, some will read sites, but I would imagine most people will get one just to get one. Does that qualify as a fad? At some point in time you have to make a swap to something different, but is this different enough to separate out a tablet versus laptop market where actual usability comes into play. I dunno know I hope tablets do something this time, last time was a flop.
  • I've left my laptop at home for over a week. I literally don't carry the laptop around with me now that I have the iPad (which I'm using right now). After an awkward first couple of days, my touch typing is about 80% of my physical keyboard speed. This form factor is much more convenient and much less cumbersome than a laptop. I use it far more extensively than the "couch surfing" use case frequently posited. I'd still like an Android tablet, though, for multitasking, Flash and USB connectivity. Apple got it about 80% right.
  • I don't agree with the android tablet, sure its cool and of course it has ANDROID on it....but come on, why is everyone trying to copy mac? Lets create something new here that no one else has...
  • YOU, not agreeing with an Android tablet is your preference and subjective opinion. Tablets have been around before the 1st iphone was created. I wish people will quit thinking everything starts with Apple.
  • How is this a copy? This tablet has feature that are unavailable on the iPlate or whatever its called. The evolution of technology is based on improvements. Without improvements to existing designs we would still be driving the Ford model T, and using 2 cans and a string to communicate.
  • I am in the pro tablet camp, I want one and would use one. I love to sit on the couch and surf while my wife watches [enter crappy reality show here]. My phone screen is to small to enjoy and I hate lugging my laptop from work to home. I also love to cook and have all of my recipies on the computer. It would be great to put them on a tablet and have it on a stand in the kitchen with me. Is a tablet a esential decvice NO, does it fit a market nitch YES. Is it a fad? I am not sure. 8 tracks, Laser Disks, and MiniDisk all filled a market nitch too.
  • "The big question I've got about the whole tablet scene, is how many people will actually use them?" Well the ipad has already sold 1 million units. So I would say alot of people will use them and its more than just a fad.
  • My kitchen is begging for an Android tablet. Hang it right behind the coffeemaker on the wall. Recipes, Cooking Videos, grocery lists, and while not in use the Calendar app sync'd across my families Google calendars.