Press is still the best for RSS on Android after moving to Feedly

Google Reader is going away, but Press is here to stay and integrates perfectly with new services

When Google casually noted that it would shut down its RSS aggregation service Reader back in March, news apps that relied on it as a backbone were left scrambling. As alternative services to Google Reader such as Feedly and Feed Wrangler popped up on the scene, a few of the aforementioned apps pivoted quickly to integrate the new services. We gave one of such apps, Press, the review treatment as a Google Reader client back in December and came away extremely impressed with its design and performance.

Even though Google Reader will close its doors on July 1st, Press lives on as a fantastic RSS client that will work with (among other systems) the Feedly account you may have set up to save yourself from losing everything. The developers have made some great settings and user interface improvements along the way as well, so let's take a refreshed look at Press.

Press has a simple and intuitive interface that groups your RSS feeds into three different columns: unread, read and starred. You can swipe easily between the three, where you'll see items grouped by folder (which are simply synced from Feedly et al.) with numbers and a series of dots indicating how many items are in each folder to be read. Tapping a single folder expands to show each source inside the folder, again with unread counts. Once you dive into individual articles you can smoothly scroll through each, with a continuous scrolling paradigm that lets you move on between articles in a given grouping. With the latest updates Press has also incorporated left-edge swiping to navigate "back" in the hierarchy of articles, sources and folders. We come to the same conclusion now as we did some 7 months ago when Press was released -- this is a fantastically designed app.

For many the best part about Press is its seamless integration with a number of services that provide the same front-end experience to the user. No matter which service you choose to use on the back end -- Google Reader (for a moment), Feedly, Feed Wrangler or FeedBin -- the interface for navigating folders and articles will be the same. The settings menu will look much the same as well, offering sync options such as intervals and max items, interface options to control the feel of the app and many more to get things tweaked the way you want it.

While its worth giving credit to Feedly for having its own app available for Android to supplement its fantastic web offering, we see little reason not to give Press a good look before deciding to go with that first-party client. At just $2.99 in the Play Store, Press has proven to us that a power user app such as an RSS reader can still be a smooth and beautiful experience. We're glad that Press has made the transition to support other services in light of Google Reader's shutdown -- Android needs more apps like this.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • No, gReader is the best and it switched to Feedly as well.
  • Totally agree...gReader by a very very very long shot
  • Yep, I only use RSS on my phone and use gReader Pro. The switch to feedly took around 30 seconds.
  • I like gReader the best as well! Easiest to use, fastest to browse, syncing and offline reading built in!
  • Agreed. gReader offers so much configuration capability that you can have your feeds your way, even when your way differs from the way others want to see them. Pictures on Pictures off.
    Auto fetch on or off.
    Auto fetch and optionally "mobilize" (strip down) feeds from places that just show a squib in the RSS.
    Tablet or Phone.
    Swiping. Scrolling. All your way.
    OFFLine reading.
    Audio and Video embedded if you want.
    Post comments to blogs embedded if you want.
    It goes on and on. The power of gReader simply can't be matched by any other, and I've tried about 15 of them on tablet and phone.
  • gReader is great, but Reader HD is even better! It is even more customizable in terms of fonts and font sizes, and has better offline support. It is not yet hooked into the Feedly backend, but the developer claims that it will be by the end of this week.
  • +1
  • How does Press stack up against Google Currents? Posted via Android Central App
  • Press, and most RSS readers, are pretty plain in comparison to Currents. If you want a Magazine-style (picture-heavy) reader I'd go with Flipboard, Pulse or Feedly.
  • Ok Posted via Android Central App
  • currents is ok if youre only following a few feeds
  • Kool Posted via Android Central App
  • And if reading is a challenge for you and you need pictures.
  • I'm sorry to say, but you're a fool
  • Hahaha so True !!!!
    Magazine style is so chaotic.If you read text must be in the pattern so you can read fast but with this omfg :D
  • No it's not! Press is a disjointed mess of an RSS reader that has good fonts and a lovely logo. Reader HD and gReader are leaps and bounds better - they're just not as sexy. Please give Reader HD and GReader a try before you buy this crap for $3 (they both have free versions). Even Feedly does a decent job of emulating a good reader with it's 'All' view. People really need to stop recommending this app.
  • Agreed. I've been using Reader HD for a long time, but switched to Press until Reader HD gets the update to hook into feedly, and I find Press to be mediocre at best. I find it very irksome that you can't change the look very much, and the way it displays read and unread lists is not intuitive at all. Hoping the Reader HD update comes out soon.
  • I paid for and used Press on my G'Nex, Nexus 4, and Nexus 7. At first, it was a great reader. But as it gained features, it also gained a lot of bugs. It's now a bloated mess. It doesn't always sync properly (so you end up seeing articles on one device that you already read on another device). Its Readability mode doesn't work with half of my subscriptions. And the most annoying thing about Press is that its UI lags behind the app's mode. In other words, the button bar at the top of the app takes longer to update than the app's reading mode, and therefore, you can inadvertently press a button for a mode that you just exited (e.g., when moving from single-article mode to list mode), causing Press to do something that you didn't expect it to. I'm convinced that people who recommend Press don't actually use it on a daily basis.
  • I recommend it to everyone and I've used it on my phone and tablet all day, every day since the update that added the widget. I don't have any syncing issues, no UI issues, it's been flawless for me. As far as Readability goes, in the settings you can pick from three options. Not all of them work for every site. I've found Instapaper to be the most reliable, it works on 95% of the articles I read. It doesn't work on a few Gawker articles here and there, but it is better than readability and google. Try strolling through the settings.
  • I coughed up the $2.99 about a week ago for Press, I'm wondering if I should have just left things alone. Don't get me wrong it looks nice, but for whatever reason I was expecting a little more. Somewhere in my brain I was thinking it would be able to recommend feeds or have a "best of" type feature, this was my error and I accept it. I'm not understanding what Press does any better than Feedly, Feedly was fine by itself. Well it's paid for now, whatever..
  • You know, I'm finding the Feedly native app to be just about perfect, it offers a much better balance of text/graphics than Currents, and the interface is pretty intuitive when you get down to it. Though I do miss gReader sometimes...
  • Navigation to your feeds in Feedly is a mess. They really don't want you reading all of one feed before stepping to the next. You don't have to miss greader. Just tell gReader to use your Feedly account, and get all that configurable niceness back.
  • how to use feedly account in gReader? Nevermind, i had to just logout to see that option.
  • Wait, I believe anyone looking for a RSS Reader should try a few of the free ones like Feedly (which I currently use), gReader on Android (which is also very good) and so on before forking over $2.99 on the Google Play Store for Press. Chances are you will find what you're looking for without dropping a cent. Personally I use Feedly because it works on both my Android Smartphone and Tablet along with my PC.
  • gReader Pro hands down the closest thing to Google Reader. gReader is the only thing that I would consider a "replacement." All others are simply alternatives that aren't as easy to maneuver or are underdevoped works in progress.
  • While greader may have more features, you cannot compare the reading experience. Press is still very much a work in progress, and the devs have promised the ability to add/manage feeds, which is my biggest gripe with the app now. In my 2 years using Android, this is the only app I have paid for. Not because greader was lacking, but because Press made RSS a pleasure. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, you can compare the reading experience. That's what everyone has been telling you. gReader is so configurable you can have it look YOUR WAY.
  • Reading experience = more text, less clutter + font options = Press Posted via Android Central App
  • What does Press offer that the Feedly app doesn't? I've been using Feedly for a few months now and am pretty happy with it.
  • Press offers more bugs and more half-baked features than Feedly.
  • Press is FAR more stable than Feedly. Feedly if you don't use it for 24 hours or so will log you out completely and you'll have to re-set it up. Plus Press offers a mobilizer option so you can extract the full text of articles without loading the full web page, which is a must have for me. Feedly does offer the "remove clutter" button, which is similar, but it only works after the web page is fully loaded, which makes it useless. Press by far has a better widget, the best I've ever used. I HATE Feedly's. I haven't experienced any of the bugs or issues stated by some people on here. I've used Feedly, gReader, Reader HD, Minimal Reader and many more and Press is the best, most functional and most stable I've EVER used by a wide margin. Some more customization options, like a dark theme would be nice, but it looks good as is, and they'll add customization eventually as the app matures.
  • Plus Press is now requiring access to contacts, a requirements that are not needed by an RSS reader unless they plan to sell your contact info. It was a decent reader but I uninstalled it once they added that security access. =X=
  • That is totally not true. Press asks for permission to accounts, not contacts. Posted via Android Central App
  • I care about one Google Reader feature, and one alone: The ability to have a ticker Android widget that shows rotating news headlines from an aggregated feed of numerous news RSS sites. Which of these Google Reader "replacements" have such an Android widget?
  • gReader has 4 or 5 different sizes of Widgets that can auto-scroll.
    All are very configurable.
  • Does the developer of Press pay Android Central a hefty sum to feature the app? That can be the only explanation for recommending the app. In the world of RSS, essentially there is gReader and nothing else. Posted via Android Central App
  • The only money changing hands here was me paying $1.99 (the original price) for Press when it launched. I think people need to realize that more options does not equal a better product. There's real value in simplicity, design and usability.
  • Both the reviews of Press were by the same author, the old one, back in December of 2012, and this one. He never posted a review of any other rss reader besides Press and the also-ran Big News. The story clearly represents his opinion, but probably should not have been awarded "The BEST" title without an actual shoot-out series. But he's entitled to his opinion. Press isn't terrible.
  • So I assume you are on the payroll when you tell us this?
  • Just what I was thinking. OK it's not all that much cash, so I don't lose much if I don't like it... But thousands of people just giving it a try... Wait a second... And it's not the type of app you can fully try in 15min. Posted via Android Central App
  • i haven't used Press (there's no demo version), but i have used Reader HD and i ended up buying it because it is damn amazing! it's much better than gReader and it will also have Feedly support by the end of the week. i think most of us here agree that the Feedly Android app is the worst app for actually using Feedly...
  • deer reader user here! :D
  • I switched to Tiny Tiny RSS after trying Feedly for about a week. I'm happy with tt-rss.
  • I've been a strong RSS reader for ages, and used Google Reader just to transfer / sync feeds between apps. I tried literally dozens of RSS readers for Android, including gReader, and my reader of choice is JustReader: excellent offline reading of full articles, scheduled download s, sharing options, various color themes (including true AMOLED black), RSS/web views, on the fly zoom in/out articles, prioritized content and not look, various mobilizing options for non-rss feeds(global or per feed) (google, Instapaper, Readability etc). I quite like Feedly on the browser, but couldn't find a decent app for android. But JustReader should have integration with Feedly by the end of this week. I'm not on the payroll. I actually paid for the app, but I really like it and use it daily. Posted via Android Central App
  • Very funny guys. Press cannot be the "best" reader, if it does not work on a good 40% of the handsets on the market. Period. I know you guys get new review phones every 3 days, but some of us don't have cash to throw around and got stuck with what was an expensive phone that never moved beyond Gingerbread (the G2X in my case, other examples abound). The fact is that old version of Android is perfectly fine for many things, but the folks at Press have apparently decided to spit in the face of a good portion of their potential buyers. And you call it the best? Shame.
  • I like Taptu Posted via Android Central App
  • I like newsco app.