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Pornhub says more people watch on PlayStation 4 than every other console combined

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What you need to know

  • Pornhub has released its 2019 year in review report, showing literally every trend or statistic on porn people care for.
  • For 2019, PlayStation 4 users beat out every console platform for porn watching.
  • The share for PlayStation 4 users is slightly down year-over-year.

Pornhub has published its 2019 report, and as usual, human beings are watching a lot of porn. Of particular note however, is the breakdown in usage based on console ownership. PlayStation 4 owners were responsible for the majority of watched time through gaming consoles, at 51.5% of all watched time. Not only was it the platform most used but it was actually used more than every other console put together. So, if you've ever wondered which console userbase was spending the most time with themselves, you've got your answer.

Of course, that number is no doubt also affected by the sheer size of the PlayStation 4 userbase, with over 102 million consoles sold. Xbox One took second place, with 34.7% of the total share. The PlayStation Vita rose from the dead to take third place, with 9.1% of the total share. Interestingly, this is a massive leap for a device that essentially receives no more support, since it's 23% more usage for Pornhub than the PlayStation Vita saw last year.

Other noteworthy items include the fact that Overwatch was still the most searched for game on Pornhub, followed by Fortnite. Newcomer Apex Legends made a large splash, passing everything else during a huge spike on February 18 and made fifth place on the list. All in all, it made for a busy year.

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  • Maybe its easier to use the Playstation controller with one hand?
  • In that case just use your phone with the ability to have ad blockers lol
  • lol I see what you did there lol
  • So Xbox One is only 16.8% behind Ps4 despite having less than half the install base.
  • "For 2019, PlayStation 4 users beat out every console platform for porn watching..." Oh I'm sure users beat out a lot... besides any news about PornHub is most welcome! May they forever prosper and grow. Their financial health is directly linked to our happiness. So a merry PornHub christmas to all users who constantly beat off...eerrrr..."beat out"...
  • That's an incredible indictment on the state of this country.
  • And people worry about what Microsoft Windows 10 is tracking.