Poll: Do you wish Android dessert names would make a comeback?

Android statues
Android statues (Image credit: Android Central)

Since some of the earliest iterations of Android, the OS had been named by sweet, confectionary treats such as "Cupcake," "Donut," "Eclair," and so on. As Google announced each new version of Android, the company would even add giant statues at its campus to celebrate a release.

However, to the dismay of some, the company stopped publicly naming Android versions after desserts with the release of Android 10. It was part of a rebrand for Android to give it a cleaner look and focus instead on numerical designations.

As we move towards Android 13, we want to know if you want Google to bring back the dessert names with new releases.

For those that might be hoping for a return of the dessert, the first Android 13 developer preview may provide some hope. While previous developer previews have hidden the name and instead placed letters to designate the Android versions, this time around Google included the codename in the build, revealing it to officially be "Tiramisu."

It's a nice little detail, although it's unclear if it was just an oversight or a permanent change that may indicate that Google intends to bring back the dessert name (we don't think that's likely, but who knows?).

That being said, it's always a fun guessing game to try and predict what Google will go with for its next version when it releases on the best Android phones. In the past, Google would even ask for submissions to help name new Android versions. Perhaps for Android 14, it'll be something like "Ube," "Upsidedown cake," or even "Uncooked cookie dough."

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