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The pricey OnePlus 5 and the accidental OnePlus X [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel, Andrew and Flo close the door on Google I/O and open it to the OnePlus 5. And while they're at it, they talk about Motorola's newfound confidence, and whether the HTC U11 can make up some ground.

Oh, and there's some OnePlus X reminiscing ❤️

Show notes:

  • The end of Google I/O
  • Developers, execs and Kotlin at Google I/O
  • HTC U11 review
  • Everything we know about the OnePlus 5
  • Motorola's big comeback plans

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Excellent and insightful podcast
    Epic Andrew: At the very end of your HTC U11 video review you conclude "I can only hope some people look past the lackluster hardware and Inface decisions... to see how great..." This statement gives an unfavorable impression that's unfortunate and hopefully unintended. Not sensible and seems stilted.
  • Well I said it in the review, so it was definitely intentional. Aside from the shiny back, the hardware on the U11 feels a bit dated. The big bezels, relatively large overall size and stale front face are all weak points in the hardware that don't compare favorably to the likes of the Galaxy S8 and LG G6. At the same time, the interface is a bit tired, even though it has excellent performance and fluidity with minimal bloat. The hope is that people look past some of those first glance type of things and see what the phone is really all about, and find that it's a great device.
  • The hardware is 'par exsalonce' including unprecedented photo, video, and sound quality combined with the uncluttered, 'regularly updated, ' and enhanced with user friendly squeeze actions Sense User interface continues be the most functionally efficient and innovative 'including integration of a range of Assistants at the chip level' alternative to Google's Android Nougat.
  • Sounds very good, for very small amount of money.
  • Andrew, as a result of your HTC U11 reviews, forum discussion, and this podcast about people not recognizing the value of purchasing unlocked devices, I'm taking your advice and purchasing the 'Amazing Silver' (the only way to get it) directly from the OEM for $599 (24 mo-no interest $25 payments) 'in hopes of' activating it on the Sprint network resulting in faster and more frequent updates with no Sprint entanglements and bloat ensuring easier portability to any carrier. Can't get better than that!
  • If you don't mind the bezels, chin and forehead... Why not just get a pixel XL? Besides the 835 the Pixel XL is better in every area. Unless you're just an HTC fan (which I am too), but then HTC built the Pixel XL also :). Just wondering why anyone would get the HTC U 11 instead of the Pixel or pixel XL (not trolling.. really wondering).
  • I personally would get the HTC U11 over the Pixel because it is more readily available, it is much more pleasant to look at as it's beautiful, the processor is improved, the UI is a great mix of added features without being too bloated, the build quality from HTC has always been superb, and the fingerprint sensor is on the front. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head but I can't see why anyone would pick the Pixel over the HTC at this point.
  • Good points. I only agree with the 835 being better in the U11. Other than that, for me, I would go with the Pixel XL or S8+ 10 out of 10 times. I'm a hardcore HTC fan and have been routing for them since the HTC Evo 4g, but the U11 isn't the phone I would pick in 2017.
  • You can add: U11 is faster than both, especially the S8, better audio, better battery life, looks way better than the Pixel, has the same viewing area as the S8 without the odd screen formatting problems, no Bixby button getting in the way...
  • I would agree - most people still go to the carriers to buy their phones. Everyone still loves to 'Window' shop. Go to a carrier store - pick up a particular phone - look at it's ergonomics - colors etc... and compare between brands and talk to the rep. Plus - immediate availability, well maybe. Then - that individual gets personal help in setting up his or her phone with that carrier. Basically everything is done when they leave. It's painfully long at times​ - but the convenience is there... I was going to finally buy a Google phone - which was the 6P at the time - when Samsung and AT&T came out with a BOGO deal on the Galaxy 7 - Done - I canceled the 6P. Wife got a new phone too. I literally have not seen a BOGO offer​ unless it was through a carrier. BOGO's bring people in... That works... Very well...