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Not the smartest house on the block [#acpodcast]

This week, Daniel and Jerry invite their homebody friends, Mikah Sargent and Phil Nickinson, to chat about smart homes and how they're changing the way we live.

Should you buy a Google Home or an Echo or, if you're into Apple, should you wait for the HomePod, which is hatching later this year? And what about ecosystems and standards? What is a Zigbee, anyway? All of these questions are answered — or at least acknowledged — and more!

Show notes

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Looking forward to this one. If you add a Google WiFi puck to that photo that is exactly what my electronic shelf in the front room looks like.....
  • Listening to this episode made me very thankful I don't do any smart things stuff.
  • I'll wait for Samsung's Bixby home thing when it comes out...
  • Not being critical of anyone who has and uses one of these, but for me, personally, I just don't see a lot of value.
  • I have a lot of this stuff mostly because I like gadgets for gadgets' sake. That said, a connected thermostat that can be controlled from my phone while away from the house is legitimately great.
  • 😇
  • The discussion about hubs and type compatibility is why we only went with WiFi connected devices (mostly Wemo light switches/ dimmers/ mini plugs, Chromecasts, etc.). The only hub device we purchased was device specific (August Connect). All connected to an OnHub and Google WiFi puck. A larger discussion on IFTTT would have been helpful, as my wife and I have seen the true potential of IoT through IFTTT integration, but a good starter. For those scared off by this conversation, do some research, map out your wants, and add piecemeal to have the best experience. These guys have access to everything and that kind of approach is bound to cause more problems than the casual consumer because they want to test stuff (or need to because of their job). If their resources we're limited, their approach would be wholly different....
  • Great discussions this episode. It is now my favorite.
  • Coming back to the Google vs. EU discussion, this episode was the first time I heard one of the hosts mention that Google has to operate under EU law if it wants to do business there. It's also the first time I heard one of you mention that there are cultural differences between the US and the EU. This would be an interesting area to explore as opposed to the prevailing arguments on the podcast that Google should be permitted to do whatever it wants in the EU because its actions are legal/acceptable in the US. Thoughts?
  • Just curious on why there is negativity with Smartthings? I am very much enjoying their hub and integration. Really have no issues with the platform at all and the diversity of devices is one of the best.
  • My take too. It was like a relief that they didn't have to talk about it. It was mentioned that I guess the HomeKit route allows you to control everything from one app, my SmartThings app does that. And it brings together a bunch of different technologies into one device. IMO, brushing off the SmartThings (and too some extent Wink) was overly short-sighted.
  • I don't think anyone should a absolutely need a screen to understand information... It may help.. and most people are a 'visual' learners... For instance - "a picture is worth a thousand words". That said - for instance - it would be easy to look at a radar and get a visual picture of what is around your area - ok - but there are apps that give notifications that say "rain in 15 minutes" - and "will last for one hour". So it possible to formulate some form of messaging to compensate for visual effects...