Galaxy S8 First Listen: An hour on Samsung's latest success! [#acpodcast]

The Galaxy S8 is really real and officially official! We're live in New York hours after the big reveal chatting about Samsung's Next Big Thing!

Join Daniel, Andrew, Derek, Phil (Modern Dad) and Michael Fisher (MrMobile) as they talk about, and pass around, the Galaxy S8!

This podcast was recorded live, and has some intermittent cursing (and a few ambulance sirens — thanks, New York) so you may want to listen to it without kids nearby.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I'm disappointed that no one was eating Skittles
  • No, you're not :P
  • I'm not.
  • no more podcast video?
  • There haven't been video podcasts in the longest time
  • Guess time to watch the ones I missed then lol
  • Listening to your podcast, I've decided to cancel my S8 Plus purchase. Back to iPhone.
  • How come?
  • Likely because the podcast spent so much time crapping on the phone?
  • Man... Any phone next to the s8 looks a cheap 2012 old phone... even the s7 and the iphone, just look at casey neistat video comparisons, but maybe for some people its meh, i just cant feel comfortable with my phone anymore as long as there is an s8
  • Thought this would be a podcast talking about how the Pixel is better than the S8 in true AC fashion.
  • Pretty sure we've never said the Pixel is better than the S8 because the S8 isn't out yet.
  • Well, that has always been a subjective matter. Both the S8 and Pixel have their own ups and downs. The S8 is brand-new. so it'll need time to get some people to experience it in order to see how it's really. Honestly, I really don't like it when the Samsung and Pixel camp bicker with each other over preferences. I just don't get why that is still a thing. Whichever one you buy, it's probably gonna make you satisfied provided you understand your usage pattern, personal preferences and their unique pros and cons. Personally, it would be the S8+ for me because I've always been a sucker for bleeding-edge tech. But others might prefer the Pixel's more timely release schedule for updates, and that's fine, The Pixel may not be my personal favorite, but that does not mean it's a bad phone.
  • I think we all forget that we're here because we share a love of the smartphone world. Its okay to like multiple OEM platforms.
  • Couldn't have said it better. We're here to share our passion for mobile tech, not to bicker with another over preferences
  • I happen to come across to a floor model if the S8/plus today at VZ store. I was suprisingly impressed with how these two devices felt in my hand today. Its seem solidly built and does feel like a premium made. I just hope that its as smooth and buttery like the Pixel. To me, the most important is the OS on the phone and dependability of it. That is why I like the Pixel.
  • I don't think the S8 is going to be as smooth as a Pixel, honestly. There's a lot of stuff laid on top and Samsung's skins are never known for being lean. But it should perform pretty well in the real-world nonetheless. And I actually do like Samsung's current design on GraceUX.
  • I'm not buying into facial recognition. I think it's too gimmicky at this point. Also, yes... Fingerprint scanner placement is horrible. Horrible!
  • I also appreciate the candid and honest discussion regarding the phone. I appreciate objectivity and honesty, even though it's a shiny new flagship phone(s) from Samsung. Good job guys!
  • Agreed!
  • Thanks!
  • Love the banter guys. Can't wait for the review.
  • sooo, is there a 1000fps slow mo or no? I heard someone said on the podcast that there's and rest says there isn't.
  • Great podcast! Which colour did you guys all prefer? That Orchid Grey sure is stunning!
  • Great podcast, love the snarky crosstalk, but c'mon. You guys have to lay off the one-hand ergonomics BS as a justification for always recommending "smaller" phones. Most of us, yourselves included, have two functioning arms with hands attached, so if the lefty can't make something happen, you just bring in the righty. I mean, I take your point, but one-handed operation is not a necessary condition for smartphone use, only an occasional convenience.
  • It's always good to laugh out loud. One of the best podcasts I've heard from you guys. Nice job. 👍
  • Cheers! 🍺