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Android Central Podcast: Galaxy S4 special edition

  • Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 specs
  • Relive Samsung's Galaxy S4 announcement event
  • Sent you an email with my question =)
  • when you release a phone with a bigger battery, a bigger and better screen, removable battery, micro sd card slot in a thinner, more light and with the same dimensions as the predecessor, for me that's really design engineering. TouchWiz is the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up to date OS of them all [excluding stock Android of course] it is a fully no compromise phone, with the GS4 you have absoluteness all the features you can have, and that's excellent overall design. the GS4 will be my next phone for sure.
  • Mr Wilfreb you hit the nail on the head. All that phone in a smaller footprint. Innovation, Innovation and more Innovation.
    Thank You Samsung
    Thank You Phil and Renee
  • Is anyone else having trouble downloading the podcast? The "direct" link just goes back to this page? And when I logged in to post, the resulting page was a text line including the word "success". I had to enter the home page in the title bar, then click on "log in" again. Then I was logged in, but I still can't get the file. And I've tried on two computers, Firefox and Chrome. I also can't download the previous mp3s which I had no problem with before.
  • Can you guys help me on deciding witch jelly bean rom for lg esteem thanxs
  • Wala lang