Android Central Podcast Episode 2

Hardware news

  • Inventor of the cell phone gave up his iPhone for a Motorola Droid
  • Hands-on with the Motorola Devour, with Android 1.6 and Motoblur
  • Android sees huge growth through Jan. (what phone could have caused that?)
  • Memory card, not Vodafone Magic itself, responsible for Android botnet strike
  • Dell Mini 5 'Streak' shown in promo flyer, including Kindle support
  • HTC Incredible rumored to soon be replacing HTC Droid Eris on Verizon
  • Who says Google failed with the Nexus One retail strategy?
  • Verizon already training employees on the Nexus One? What for?
  • AT&T locks down its first Android phone, the Backflip [and so what?]

Software news

  • Swype for Android now officially in beta
  • Opera Mini 5 beta released for Android (and our video hands-on)
  • Hands-on with Google Gesture Search
  • DoubleTwist for Windows releases major update, adds podcast support
  • Tether(Berry) in beta for Android
  • Android Quick App: Photoshop Mobile
  • Android 2.1 leaked for Droid Eris, appears to be the real McCoy [updated]

Site features

  • Android Central Editors' Apps of the Week
  • AndroidCentral asks: What's your favorite Android Twitter client? [Contest]


Thanks to Sue for the great intro, and Andre for the e-mail!

Phil Nickinson