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Android Central Podcast Ep. 65

Thing 1: Netflix on more phones, fewer tablets

  • Netflix updates its Android app -- and actually includes the update this time
  • New Netflix app runs just fine on Honeycomb tablets
  • Editorial: Netflix's Android rollout an example of a good thing done badly

Thing 2: More new phones and tablets

  • Samsung Mobile's JK Shin says to expect Galaxy S II in U.S. in August
  • Lenovo officially announces pair of Android tablets
  • T-Mobile getting the Wildfire S on Aug. 3 for $80 on contract
  • Nexus S hits AT&T on July 24, presales start today
  • HTC Puccini tablet goes through the FCC

Thing 3: Apps worth mentioning

  • Android Quick App: FriendCaster Tab beta for Honeycomb tablets
  • Sketchbook Pro app comes to Honeycomb tablets
  • Google Maps adds more 3D buildings in more cities
  • The best free backgammon apps on Android tablets
  • ComiXology out of beta, brings DC Comics to your Android device
  • Disney publishes their first Android app -- Winnie the Pooh: What's a bear to do?


  • Verizon breaks down who's getting LTE where this week
  • Sneak peek at the Droid Does Motorola Droid Bionic page points to a $299 price tag
  • Phil, I think it needs re-edited. It just cuts off at the end.
  • ye it cuts off cos they are talking about bing lol yea it defo need a re edit but great anw thanks guys awesome podcast like always
  • Ah. Fixed. Sorry 'bout that.
  • No problem, thanks for the great podcast.
  • Corey got cut off mid sentence. Now I want to know what he was going to say. I need the next book J. K. Rowling.
  • Yes. We've fixed the upload. Please redownload it to hear the end. :p
  • Damn, my favorite park is where I say, "Now get ready for the Android Central Podcast"
  • The Galaxy Tab 7 has a regular SIM card slot. . . . I have put my SIM card from my Captivate to the Tab 7 when it runs out of batteries and used it to text messages.
  • Is there no podcast this week???!