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Android Central 255: New Nexus Preview!

We're on the cusp of having a couple new Nexus phones, possibly a new Chromecast and maybe even some sort of surprise up Google's sleeve. (Oh, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.) So let's preview what's coming up at the Sept. 29 event! Plus we weigh in on the Moto X Pure Edition, and we answer a slew of your questions live.

And as a bonus this week we've got our interview with the Nextbit leads, along with Aaron from IDEEAA. It's a must-listen!

  • Phil, you should put a reader board on your boom. Streaming tweets or whatnot. Could be fun?
  • Phil, you should put a "Make America Great Again" sign on your boom. That would be cool. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I like it!
  • Your kidding right? +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • Was gonna buy a ball cap but I didn't want to give that asshat any of my money. :p
  • Ok.. Whew... Close one... Make one on cafe press +++ Insert witty signature, watch as others not get it, profit +++
  • I have a way better idea for you Phil. Why don't you paint your microphone gold like a certain talk show host's. You know who I'm talking about LoL Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would love to write for you all. I am a huge fan of larger phones. Currently with the Droid Turbo and Nexus 6. This was my first podcast with AC and it was awesome! Voices totally match their writing styles and it was great to finally have that connection!
    Have a great weekend! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Definitely can't wait to see... not sure which one I'm picking. So far in the leaks renders the LG Nexus model is looking much nicer. Let the reviews begin before I make a final decision. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The 5X has to be cheaper than the Moto X Pure or else we've got the same problem as last year's Nexus. No way I'm I spending over $400 on a device with specs from the beginning of the year and (probably) very little optimization.
  • In pricing electronics; the old saying is that you can always go down in price to get sales; but it hard to ask for more once the price is out of the bag! So I think Google will price it high at he launch and gradually go down as sales level off! Maybe have a day or two of 5-10% off sale on Black Friday and maybe a day sometime after that! After all; there is almost no large market up on smartphones other then the iPhone which is considered a luxury item and is immune from pricing pressure! Apple can charge what ever they want for their goods and people will still buy it! LOL!
  • l Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just finished listening to the second half of the podcast. I really like the Nexbit Robin but the Nexus 5x looks like it's going to be my next phone. Who had the mint color first? Posted via the Android Central App