Android Central 242: Save Us, Taylor Swift!

Here we go again! On this week's show: We're taking a look at some unlocked phones that'll work in North America — and that you won't be ashamed to use. Plus, we watch people do some really dumb things with their phone's battery, see what's up with streaming music and how Taylor Swift can save us all, and we'll answer your questions live on air!

  • Nice mockery Phil. One day someone will stand up for journalists and their pay or worth, and I hope you mock them too. After all we (at least in the US) have had corporations suppress wages for everyone including you and your staff for the past 30 years. So why not speak the truth about what Tyler did? Why not become the onion of the cell phone press? I like where this place is heading. You're children will thank you too. After all why should they get paid for their hard work? Heck, why should you? Thanks for the satire, it looks like I'll just have to go elsewhere for hard Android news. Love your forums, but your podcast was a joke like how you through Tyler under the bus in the article. For shame Phil. One day you're gonna need someone to stand up for you, and their will be nobody left to speak on your behalf. Let's hope it's not too soon, because after the next election you might find that freedom of the press might be under attack in much worse ways than the past few years. But hey, I got mine. Hope you got yours. Right Phil? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Believe Phil is right on with his comments, even if it was satire.
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  • Bar is closed go home! Next-us
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  • Dude, she's not a struggling artist, and she's making plenty of money. Her estimated net worth is over $200 million. When you're worth that much, and you're whining about a DRM-protected (and therefore limited) trial period of a streaming service, then you're greedy, rather than championing the rights of artists everywhere. I listen to a lot of indie stuff (I'm a huge nerdcore fan, because, well, I'm a nerd), and I can get their stuff for free (often supplied by them) pretty easily. But, you know what? When they release a new album, I typically buy it to support them. Now, you're probably thinking, "You're not a typical user." And, maybe you're right. But supporting artists that you like by buying their stuff is what we should be encouraging! Not some massively rich millionaire that's a little upset she'll be making a few thousand less dollars this year. If you like Taylor Swift, that's fine, she should make her music available, DRM free, directly from her own webstore so you can go buy it (maybe she does, I didn't check). The music industry (and some of its major artists) need to get with the times a bit and realize that commerce, particularly for multimedia content, has changed significantly. They need to change with it. NOFX, for example, released a "pay what you want for it" album, and has tried all sorts of new models to get their music out, and they're pretty bloody rich too. What I'm saying is this: don't fear the change, embrace it, and find ways to work with it. Artists SHOULD get compensated for their work, but Taylor has no freaking room to complain. Sheesh, when did we start sticking up for people worth $200 mil as if they were some sort of downtrodden urchins?
  • I buy music on Google Play music all the time. I'll hear something I like on all Access, It's easy: Menu>Buy. Maybe a donate to this artist option... Maybe Google should have a Pie Chart that shows how much they've paid out to that artist so you can feel ok or not with listening to is again for free. My son is 14, in a Rock band so I have a slight interest in it. Just as I feel Developers deserve to be paid for their work, Music artist should too. So my dad asked me on fathers day what I thought of this Apple streaming music thing. He, being old, thought the idea was dumb. Said basically if you made a little box with like four buttons that instead of seeing the radio station you were tuning into, showed you a genera or artist, that people would buy it. I actually think it's not a bad idea. Use GPS to locate the person, check stations in the area. If WiFi, then use the stations internet version, if not, tune via FM...
    Regardless, the point I was getting at was, I'll bet that Radio stations didn't pay all that much better to play the artists music just as much to just as many. The As many is a key here as Radio is hard to quantify, and streaming is easy. The streaming service is about gaining interest. Same thing the FM radio use was. The money is made by selling albums, but more importantly, at concerts. As for family sharing on Google play, I had a Family account email. I was going to have everyone use it. For Apps this is great, for music, it's limited as we know. It does mean that you have to buy apps using the joint family account.
  • Tmobile and Legere have actually done very good things for the industry. Russell might like paying off his phone through his contract a year after he actually paid it off but I don't. Nice podcast but I could do with less of the tough guy crap from not so tough guys.
  • I agree with you i dont mind leasing a phone because when I finish paying it after 2 years I end up with a 2 year old phone that it's not worth a fifth of what I paid for it, and it's going straight to the drawer, and also I always want the latest and the greatest as soon as they come out this way I can try the note line for 4 months, then the S line for 4 months and the nexus or latest lg phone for the other 4, so for me leasing makes sense. Posted via the Android Central App
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  • I think Russell is dead on about Legere, i share the exact same sentiment! I'm sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same way too.
  • Great podcast! You nailed it! Posted via Morse Code
  • Taylor Swift...... "Make it stop"....... F-cken hilarious! Once again great job guys! Posted via Morse Code
  • Dude you ass kiss so much the shit is permanently pasted to your face. Give it a rest. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Mr. Faries, have you ever agreed with anything these guys have said? Or if we do agree, are we always kissing ass?
  • The point Brad is that the bloggers at AC deceived you and other readers by skipping why Tyler Swift did what she did. Nobody hates her more than me, but if they hated her them they didn't have to write a story about it with a pol no less. Then they didn't have to bring it up again during the podcast. Since it was about Apple and not Android, they could have ignored it totally. But they did cover the story, only now they used deception by not telling the real reason why she did what she did. On top of that, if "we shouldn't care about the story" As they tried to make us believe, then why are they harping on it so much? I'm sorry that you agree that Ms. Swift stuck up for the little guy is such a bad thing. A David and Goliath sorry is interesting, and like in the story, Swift won! In a time that many Corporations are suppressing wages today, you'd think that the bloggers would stand by her side when Apple tried to rip off its partnerships. But alas, they would rather you be misinformed then tell the other side of the story. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I could also write a story about her contract for photographers. It was all a PR/marketing stunt. I don't like stunts. Sorry she fooled you.
  • So do it Jerry, write it. I don't care about opinions, you're entitled to them. But the story that was displayed both in the article and the blog was disingenuous and lacked half the info in order to get your readership to agree with your opinion. That my friend is what the problem is about, not your opinion, but the argument that you made. You had to be deceitful in order to justify your beliefs. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Someone already did: And deceitful is a pretty harsh accusation. You believe what you want to believe, but all I see is: Someone with the means to help other artists, but had never expressed any desire to do so suddenly becomes their champion. Conveniently, mere hours after a rant likely written by a publicist, the biggest company in the world renegotiates their contracts and does a complete 180-degree turn around. Yeah, that's not fishy at all. I'll poke at that as much as i can without getting in trouble.
  • And that Jerry is a valid argument that you guys should have made, but didn't. THAT, would have been informative and enlightening. But you skipped that. Then you could have argued why a person shouldn't stand up for their own rights. You could have been more informative. But the way you came off is that you aloud your personal thoughts on her dictate the argument. Like how you say that you don't like pr/marketing when an individual does it when you work for a news organization that deals with companys that do exactly just that. Again, you could have been more informative. Above all, peace and love my friend. Posted via the zenfone 2
  • You do know all your opinions about Swift and Apple are all pure speculation,not based on fact. Tried Apple music on my Mac and it blows Google play music out of the water, going to cancel my subscription
    to Google music this fall. Being a long listener of AC its getting a little hard to listen to you guys and your child like banter about Apple. I've been a lifer on android phones and likely won't change but also have a mac and run Linux OS's. When you guys deny the great things that Apple does it makes all of you sound incompetent.
  • Lmao. I have a mac and android phones and Ubuntu machines too. Apple music doesn't blow GPM out of the water. It is pretty much the same. Same as Spotify, Rhapsody, Play Music, Tidal, etc. I really thought they'd bring more to the table.
  • Ms. Swift stuck up for the giant check she is surely getting for helping promote Apple music. Seriously this has PR stunt written all over it right from day 1 of hauling her music off Spotify, and getting up 'against' Apple a couple of months later. Seriously.
  • So now Phil and the rest of the crew should be ashamed of doing such great and amazing work? Are you saying they shouldn't receive praise for such outstanding work? Hell yeah I'm an Android Central fan and Phil is the man! If I'm going to be accused of being an "ass kisser" just because I love Android Central then so be it. Let me know how that highly successful Android website of yours is working out..... Oh that's right..... You don't have one. Long live Android Central and VIVA Phil!!!!!!? Posted via Morse Code
  • That's just it Ace, they didn't do great work. In fact, Jerry's example proves my point that they allowed their personal beliefs to influence the outcome of both the article and the podcast, in order to influence your thoughts on the matter. Just think about it. Jerry used an example of a photographer standing up for his rights to be able to make a fair wage or profit from Tyler Swift's unfair photo contract (while also showing that she's a hypocrite). Just like Ms. Swift fought Apple against an unfair partnership of no pay or royalty for the artists for the first 3 months. there is absolutely nobody that hates Ms. Swift more than I, and I feel that she is definitely disingenuous for many of her words and actions, but what she did was go up against a huge corporation against unfair pay practices, and if it's good enough for the photographer, then it has to be OK for Tyler too. But they failed at that argument so far, and again failed to give all the info so that you the readership can make a well informed decision on your own. Instead they manipulated the situation and narrative so that you can be deceived and agree with them without doing any hard news reporting. I still love the crew, they just let you and the rest of the readership down this time. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's cool. I just didn't appreciate that person or thing calling me a kiss-ass just because I'm a fan of Android Central. Posted via Morse Code
  • You're not a kiss ass Ace. You're a fan just like me and to be clear I don't support what that other person said. We could agree or disagree on any topic. You or others could hate me all they want. But there is no justification for name calling. You're tops in my book. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thanks. I don't hate anybody for an opinion or a belief. Beliefs and opinions are what makes us all unique. Posted via Morse Code
  • 'fought' Apple. lmao.
  • Ace, you are a great poster on these boards! Enjoy seeing your comments in regards to these articles! Posted via the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Lollipop 5.0.1 on the T-Mobile Network.
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  • How come the video for the podcast doesn't work?
  • I was wondering the same thing. This is messing up my Saturday morning ritual...
  • Looks like the podcast video wasn't embedded here. But it's available via their Youtube channel either directly (first link below) or the podcast playlist (second link):
  • Thanks... I should have thought to just look there...
  • Sorry about that guys, the video should've been embedded here. It's there now! (And of course available on YouTube).
  • To buy the song that you're listening to on All-Access, just tap the overflow menu then tap buy. It's two taps instead of one but it's pretty easy. The menu also can take you to the album, which then gives you the option of buying that instead of the song. I think it's a good compromise over littering the screen with buttons.
  • Holy crap, did the AC team just give the finger to all content creators by saying that we as consumers shouldn't care how they are paid?! I may not use any music streaming services, but I certainly do care how indie apps and game developers fare. And that's the thing; it's not about Taylor Swift and whether it is a PR stunt or not (god knows she doesn't need the money), but her speaking out to Apple helped artists that do not have as large of a voice in this issue even if it is an unintended side effect. Why are the AC guys so pissy about that? I don't buy the ad hoc argument that her music is bad or that it is for more exposure. Is it because it was Apple that made the deal and not Google? So what? I'm sure Google has the money to strike the same deal as Apple. I normally enjoy the podcast but the insensitivity shown in this one left a particularly bad taste for me.
  • I think it's easy for Russell to say that about the new t-mobile jump program, when you get every new phone without paying a cent. For normal people who are tech enthusiasts and pay for every single device at full price, it's a nice program. You can have the latest and greatest every 4 months or so and end up paying only like 150-200 for leasing it. You know how much it would add up to buy new 600-800+ phone every 4 month a year? And then what do you do with the old phone? Sell it? And what would be the profit buying for 700 selling for 400, vs leasing it for 200?
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