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Android Central 197: FUD Fighters

There's a new Android L developer preview build, but you probably don't need it. (Not that that will stop you.) Plus, we debunk all the Facebook permissions FUD, find out what's up with the Google Play Music deauthorization limits, and we answer more of your questions live on air. Join us!

Thing 1: Facebook Messenger app FUD

Thing 2: Device limits hit Google Play music again

  • Google Play Music now limits you to 4 mobile device deauthorizations per year
  • Originally put in place a couple of years ago

Thing 3: New Android L dev release

  • Google posts updated Android L factory images for Nexus 5, 7 with support for Google Fit
  • Google Fit SDK preview is now available for developers!

Thing 4: Other stuff

  • LG G3, two months on ...
  • Yahoo teams up with Google on encrypted email service
  • HTC Gallery update lets you share M8 Duo Camera effects
  • Latest Moto 360 images show off the secret charger for the first time
  • The Verizon Motorola XT1096 may be the Moto X successor
  • Samsung Unpacked confirmed for September 3 in Berlin, Galaxy Note 4 inbound [updated]
  • A smartwatch as a boarding pass is anything but first class

Thanks to this week's sponsors!

  • I'm feeling Google would be a good Mobile Carrier based solely on the thought that you would get what you pay for... No BS carrier. Posted via Android Central App
  • The deauthorization issue is the Firstest of the Firstest First World Problem
  • Yup. It bugs me (a lot) but I do realize that most people are unaffected. Still bugs me :P
  • I think between yesterday and today Google cleaned out my authorized devices and duplicates except for the 4 most recent. Yesterday I had more and I didn't do any deauths.
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  • You can deauthorize devices, including devices you no longer have access to, by using the web interface