Android Central 177: HTC One special-edition

After becomming the most-leaked phone in the history of unreleased phones, the new HTC One — also known by its codename, the M8 — is officially official. We've had a good week's worth of use with it, and Phil and Alex sit down to discuss what should be one of the top phones of 2014.

  • The new HTC One —  everything you need to know
  • Our HTC One (M8) review
  • New HTC One (M8) is official — metal unibody design, Sense 6.0, Duo Camera and Snapdragon 801
  • These are the new HTC One colors
  • One versus One: Comparing HTC's all-new flagship to its predecessor
  • Quick comparison: HTC One (M8) versus Samsung Galaxy S5 specs
  • Complete HTC One specs
  • New HTC One supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
  • Preorder a Google Play edition HTC One today
  • The experimental ART runtime is possible on the HTC One
  • New HTC One includes 'powered by Android' branding
Phil Nickinson
  • maybe I am just cynical about this phone, but phil sounds like he was paid by HTC.
  • No disrespect, but this is the successor to a phone that won many, many awards including (as most of us already know) phone of year 2013 last month at MWC, so there's a lot to be excited about.
    Not saying that you're like this, because I don't know you, but one thing that blows my mind is how many people Root for a manufacturer the same way they would Root for their favorite football team. I see this every day working for AT&T. And with these "favorite" manufacturers many people also come to perceive another manufacturer as their "bitter rival".
    It's hard not to get swept up in tthe moment, but one thing is for sure: HTC just got my attention... And they didn't have to do it by throwing money at Robert Downey Jr this time...
  • There's a typo in URL of the second link (missing dot in domain address).