Android Central 173: Hung up on Hangouts

Thing 1: Journey to the Samsung Galaxy

  • Is hating on the new Galaxy the new hating on the new iPhone?
  • MCould Samsung go all-out with a 'Galaxy S5 Prime' later this year?
  • Three UK outs Galaxy Gear 2's pricey price
  • Quick comparison: Samsung Gear 2 versus Galaxy Gear

Thing 2: Great things not made by Samsung

  • Let's talk about HTC's next big thing
  • Sony just might have the best flagship of 2014 in the Xperia Z2
  • LG's G Pro 2 is bigger and better

Thing 3: Even more stuff

  • From the Editor's Desk: Second thoughts ...
  • Pebble 2.0 finally available for Android
  • Alex hates the Moto X
  • Jerry hates the Nokia X
  • Vine hates XXX
  • Google now Launcher hits Google Play
  • Samsung's Chromebook 2 made official: stitched leather and ARM processors

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Phil Nickinson
  • AC app update coming soon you say?? Awesome! Mike
  • Time to get @tnkgrl on the podcast!!! Posted via Android Central App