Android Central 159: The Nexus 5 Q&A Special!

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Phil Nickinson
  • Most of the answers were like "nyyyeahhh I'm not complaining". Summing in up: A handsome, fast phone. An excellent value. Right up there with the current high end Android phones. Parse out the features that suit you and pick one. Posted via Android Central App
  • Might be a dumb question, But why can't big red get some of these phones?? I have the original nexus and loved it! Just wondering, Cause of the droid line and competition ???
  • Verizon could get any phone it wants. 
  • Simple answer is Verizon doesn't think you should have a phone without a ton of "value add" software preinstalled, they want to "test" your updates for months before rolling them out to you and only from their approved methods and servers, they hate giving you devices with unlocked boot loaders because you could install a modified rom or baseband radio firmware that could "impact" their network, and they certainly DO NOT want you to have a device that you can easily carry to practically any other domestic network because once you sign the paperwork they OWN YOUR ASS. Posted via Android Central App
  • That pretty much sums it up pretty well.
  • Thank you for the views on it, I sorta figured something to that affect, I just don't know why sometimes and wonder why the best network,(IMO) wouldn't want the best phones. I'm running and Droid maxx hd right now and love the phone, But just would like the options of having phones like the nexus line...
  • There's an even simpler reason than that, because Verizon doesn't want you to have a phone without their name printed in huge letters on the front, back, on some of the buttons, the screen, battery, and when the technology is available, beamed directly into the minds of anyone without 100 feet of a phone on their network ;)
  • If that were true, Verizon wouldn't carry the iPhone, which has no Verizon branding whatsoever. It's either bad negotiations with Verizon and Google or the bootloader, I think.
  • But remember, Verizon didn't even get the iPhone untill the iPhone 4. I think they got tired of losing customers to AT&T over the iPhone and gave in to the hype. I'm betting that sooner or later they'll give in to the Nexus hype as well. Especially since CDMA and WCDMA is supported with the new Nexus.
  • if you buying unlocked phones no contract nexus is really the way to go, now if you are getting it through a contract/upgrade then that may be another question it seems As I am anti contract now and like my unlocked options Im sticking with Nexus line for the time being
  • Unrelated question when is the AC update rolling out? Not that im complaining of the layout or features as it is now, just remember phil mentioned it and didnt even hint at what it may contain come on phil provide a leak lol Posted via Android Central App
  • No idea. When it's ready. :) Posted via Android Central App
  • A very apt reply phil cheers oh and keep up the great work with AC, I use various tech apps as i then get all information out there and i enjoy being kept upto date not that AC doesnt cover alot, the reports are clear, Informative and to the point. Has a great community feel to it, although some daft posts occasionally but nicely moderated. Im sure the update will be great and will look forward to seeing what it brings :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Phil I would love to know your take on Dynamic Notification in the play store VS Active display.
  • I'm watching the video version on my Chromecast while messing with my Nexus 5 and all the times you guys say, "OK, Google," sets off my search. STOP IT! XD Posted via Android Central App
  • How would casing look after a year of use without a case? Do back and edges catch dust and scratch easily?
  • This costs 600$ in Posted via Android Central App
  • It seems to me the conclusion I came to after watching the podcast about the Nexus 5; "Damned with faint praise."
  • hello... 3 thing/ Can anyone please recommend a Hue/Color adjusting app I could use without rooting this new Nexus 5? - 'loving the phone so far, but this yellowish/sepia hue throughout is driving ... me.. crazy! - when I'm comparing it to my 'old' Nexus 4's perfect 'whites'. Also looking for and setting/launcher I could use ONLY to revert the app tray to the normal Nexus 4 icon sizes. This new giant, dumbed-down, apple-like iOS7 'update' is just ugly and ridiculously out of scale with this high-resolution screen. And I've noticed a few people wishing it had the new Moto X notifications. I found this app to get me close to that feature and very very pleased with it: thanks all... Cheers, (please help me keep this Nexus 5!) - this yellow/sepia issue I haven't heard of yet is gonna be my deal breaker
  • Watching the video, as Phil flashed the Nexus One, makes me miss that phone. :( If I still had it now, I'd see if I can install KitKat. After all, it's supposed to run on older devices and doesn't take much space.
  • Hi, With the new hangouts with sms integration, I cannot dial my voice mail directly from hangouts when it comes through as a message. Is there a way to fix this? Never had this problem on my regular message app.
    Please note I am outside the USA, so no google voice. Thanks
    Melbourne Australia Posted via Android Central App
  • Only co.plain visually are the on-screen buttons. I hate those. This thread is in unacceptable condition; UNACCEPTABLE....