The app also now includes some new ways to view your content, Plex Home support for managed users, and the requisite bug fixes. Here's the full log of what's new in Plex 4.0:

  • Redesigned home dashboard (mobile layout)
  • The app now lets you select a server to view, giving both regular and shared users a first-class experience! (mobile layout)
  • Plex Home support for managed users and fast user switching (mobile layout)
  • Don't require activation when playing media flung from other devices.
  • [Android TV] The preview period has ended! App can now be activated with a Plex Pass enabled account -OR- an in-app purchase.

While the app already received a redesign in a previous update, the new dashboard on mobile devices makes browsing your collection a tad nicer. To snag the update for yourself, hit up that Google Play badge above.