Playstation phone may be 'Xperia Play,' reportedly will hit stores in April 2011

Here's the latest speculation and rumor control on the not-so-mythical Sony Ericsson Playstation phone:

First up, SE was granted a European trademark on "Xperia Play" on Dec. 1. At the same time, Swedish PR firm Jung Relations has scooped up, and So there's a pretty good bet that'll end up being a big part of the branding somehow.

Then add on an unsourced rumor from Pocket-Lint, which says the PSP/Xperia/Play/Phone/thingy will be announced at Mobile World Congress in February (no great surprise there) and will hit stores in April in the UK.

Safe bets, all. Does that mean any of it'll actually happen? There's a better than average chance. Stay tuned, folks. This spring is gonna be a doozy. [OHIM,, Pocketnow, Pocket-Lint]

Phil Nickinson
  • Xperia Play really rolls off your tongue...
    I don't get why they wouldn't use PS branding for the hardware.
  • Would any phone with a hardware keyboard and Android be able to do what this new phone is going to do? Other than the thumb pad thing of course?
  • Games will make or break this. I will wait until they show whos supporting this
  • You don't have to wait, it's a damn PSP. So just take a look at the PSP catalog and that's pretty much what you're gonna get. And seeing as how the PSP has been dying a painfully slow death, it boggles my mind to see Sony release this so late, and AFTER the 3DS is released. From a gamer standpoint, this thing will be DOA for sure.
  • The hardware this phone comes out with will be outdated by the time it hits the shelves.
  • This thing will be a BIG FAILURE.
  • Anyone else seeing froyo?
  • Big potential in this. Hope it lives up to the hype. Don't have faith plus the name sucks!
  • I have to agree, if this phone fails to move games then it will only be good for emus. But since gingerbread is mainly focussed on gaming part of Android then it might be a big hit. It all comes down to game devs and how they apply this phone. Even PSP minister would be cool on this thing.