PlayStation confirms new games will continue to launch into PlayStation Plus

Destruction Allstars Image
Destruction Allstars Image (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • PlayStation is committed to bringing new releases into PlayStation Plus.
  • Recently titles like Bugsnax and Destruction AllStars launched into PlayStation's subscription service for PS5.
  • Sony's Jim Ryan confirmed this news in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Today's been a big day for PlayStation news. We learned more details about Sony's next-gen PSVR 2, the company's PlayStation At Home initiative is coming back, and it's committed to bringing more PlayStation games to PC starting with Days Gone. In that same interview with GQ Magazine where Sony's Jim Ryan revealed the PC news, he also confirmed that new games would continue to launch into PlayStation Plus.

Since Sony has increasingly released new games into PS Plus as of late, like Bugsnax and Destruction AllStars, GQ asked Ryan up front whether this pattern will continue.

Yes, it is. We see this is a very interesting and innovative way to publish games and to make games available to our subscribers. It works for us as the publisher and we know that subscribers to PlayStation Plus love it.

Unlike Xbox Game Pass, I wouldn't expect AAA titles like Horizon Forbidden West to launch into PlayStation Plus the service any time soon. This is likely referring to smaller titles and indie games, similar to what PlayStation has offered in the past.

Jennifer Locke
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