Plain Ol' LG KS360 is LG's First Android Phone ?

Here at Android Central we lament the fact that there are no Android Devices other than the G1. The original promise of hundreds of different Android Devices has yet to be realized and well, it's very disappointing to say the least. But is this LG offering any better?

LG recently announced that they're going to be releasing 3 Android Devices in 2009 and one of them, we're already familiar with: the LG KS360. More or less, the LG KS360 is simply just a text-messaging feature phone at best. Sure it has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, microSD slot, and 2 megapixel camera but it's lacking 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS. We thought the bare minimum for Android was higher than that.

So is this the road that Android might take? Will we see multiple tiers of phone models? Going form basic featurephones to higher end smartphones? Won't this confuse the Android user? A phone with no GPS and Wi-Fi can hardly take advantage of the Google's location based services. Or could we see the same body and form factor with different hardware specs?

[via Androinica]

Casey Chan