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  • The first Pixel feature drop included improved memory management for all Pixel phones.
  • It helps phones run multiple apps at once by proactively compressing cached applications.
  • The new improved memory management feature should make its way to other Android phones, but not until the next version of Android.

On December 9, Google had its first Pixel feature drop, something it plans to do on a quarterly basis in the future. Part of the update included performance enhancements for all Pixel phones by improving memory management on the devices.

According to Google, this will help Pixel phones run multiple apps at once by proactively compressing cached applications. In particular, it singles out apps such as games and streaming content, but the improved memory management should help with all applications.

In general, Pixel phones have always outperformed other Android phones, offering one of the smoothest and fastest Android experiences around. The new memory enhancements will only serve to further widen the gap, but there is some good news for all of us non-Pixel users out there.

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When speaking to The Verge about the recent Pixel feature drop, Sabrina Ellis, Vice President of Product Management, mentioned that the new improved memory features should be coming to other Android phones in the future. Unfortunately, it seems that it won't be anytime soon, because this feature is a system-level update.

Most phones don't get a lot of system-level updates outside of major OS releases, meaning users without a Pixel could be waiting until the next version of Android before seeing this performance-enhancing update.

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