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What you need to know

  • Google is set to launch the Pixel 4 and 4 XL on October 15.
  • Best Buy put up the pre-order page for the new smartphones a few days too early.
  • It reveals all the phones' major specifications and features.

Continuing in the grand tradition of Google smartphones being leaked to the moon and back before launch, Best Buy Canada put the final nail in Google's ambitions of keeping any details about the Pixel 4 secret by uploading its pre-order page a full four days before the official launch.

The marketing materials on the page — which has now been taken down, to no one's surprise — tout the phones' best-in-class camera, unlimited cloud storage for photos, the new motion sensing gestures, and the next-gen Google Assistant as reasons to buy the latest Pixel.

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The pre-order information also included the complete list of specs for the phones, as well as a comparison to Google's last generation flagship, shown below:

Source: 9to5Google

So, there we have it. Google was once again unable to keep its latest smartphones under the wraps until its official announcement. The only thing that this leak didn't cover was the Canadian pricing, though other leaks have shed some light on that as well (at least in Ireland).

Google Pixel 4: Leaks, Release Date, Specs, and News!

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