Piracy concerns spur Google Glass, wearables ban in movie theaters

When it comes time to date night on Friday and you're ready for that dinner and a movie, be sure not to don Google's wearable Glass to the theaters, no matter how cool and fashionable you think the eyeglasses may be. Inconsistent rules and a new wave of piracy concern is now spurring a hard ban on Google Glass and other wearable devices in movie theaters. The ban is created by the National Association of Theatre Owners and the Motion Picture Association of America.

Here's the full statement from the MPAA:

The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have a long history of welcoming technological advances and recognize the strong consumer interest in smart phones and wearable "intelligent" devices. As part of our continued efforts to ensure movies are not recorded in theaters, however, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device while movies are being shown. As has been our long-standing policy, all phones must be silenced and other recording devices, including wearable devices, must be turned off and put away at show time. Individuals who fail or refuse to put the recording devices away may be asked to leave. If theater managers have indications that illegal recording activity is taking place, they will alert law enforcement authorities when appropriate, who will determine what further action should be taken.

So if you're trying to impress with your latest geek chic fashion, just remember to remove them before headed into that feature presentation in the theater.

Source: Variety

  • I'm honestly surprised this didn't come out sooner. And you don't need some guy next to you saying "Ok, Glass..." in the middle of the movie.
  • Oh well that just means I won't go to the movie theaters. Oh wait... no one is going anymore! Expensive tickets, overpriced popcorn, smelly seats.
  • You should not go to the movies anyway, seems you get easily distracted from the topic!! Posted via Android Central App
  • Or you could just take them off before you go in and put them on after you sit down. Posted via Nexu...LOOKOUT! ZOMBIE SQUIRRELS!
  • Big baller You might want to change your profile name if you're not going to go to the movies anymore. Posted via Nexu...LOOKOUT! ZOMBIE SQUIRRELS!
  • The MPAA is just full of idiots. Banning posters because there are nipples or discriminating on movies because of gay couples being the main protagonists yet allowing racism and gore through with a PG-13 movie. Posted via Android Central App
  • Have you ever thought about how many times a movie theater cushion seat has been violently and forcefully farted into? No you don't think about that because all you think about is yourself. Posted via Nexu...LOOKOUT! ZOMBIE SQUIRRELS!
  • laughing out loud
  • Lol Posted via Android Central App
  • That's less the MPAA's fault, and more a response to Americans' skewed view of obscenity. Janet Jackson shows a boob on TV, everybody freaks out. But gritty dramas about serial killers, people getting shot, etc is A-ok for prime time television.
  • Understandable move but without full body pat downs this isn't easily enforceable.
  • Well, nobody using Google Glass are enough stupid to go in a theater instead of pirating movie. If you have google glass, you have knowledge with modding, so you know atleast how to bittorent on the pirate bay. I would be the first to manifest in front of a theater and showing how to download that movie. When someone invite me on theater, i say no thank, i prefer anime and if i want to watch the movie, i will get it for free. Also, i am poor and don't want to ask my mom for stuff, so i buy hardware instead.
  • You mean you don't like to watch shaky, 480p movies recorded by teenagers instead of a 1080p movie from TPB? (sarcasm)
  • I use Google Glass. I buy my movies, because I'm not a thief, and it's easier.
  • Popcorn Time is still a thing, so the easier isn't really true. Posted from the amazing whatever device I can afford because I'm a broke college kid.
  • Usually im not one to post comments, But I felt I should say this. Piracy of a movie isn't theft. Theft refers to the taking of physical objects that take away the owners possession, thus depriving said owner of the work whatever "work" it may be. Since piracy neither takes something from the owners possession, nor deprives said owner of its use. It cannot be classified as theft. It's copyright infringement, Jerry, there is a difference between the two. You're free to disagree with me of course, but to do so is to disagree with the supreme courts who declared the distinction as far back as 85.
  • There's always that one thief who tries to justify stealing movies. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Why would anyone try to record a movie with Google Glass? You'd have to keep your head completely still for the entire length of the movie for it to be at all watchable. Not to mention the battery life of Glass would only allow you to capture about a third of a standard feature length movie before it died. The MPAA continue to prove they're are a bunch of Luddites and dinosaurs with zero grasp on technology.
  • Yeah, the movie theater owners wouldn't have to resort to anything high tech to see who's recording a movie with Glass... just watch the audience for the guy who's not moving his head... at all.
  • Not to mention the bright recording light shining in the dark theatre.
  • Another reason more and more people are staying at home and enjoying their own version of a Theatre - the Home Theatre.. Sticky floors, dirty seats, crazy prices, and now more restrictions to protect a dinosaurer industry. I don't have Glass but I know I would be less than happy if I was told to take them off to watch a movie. What the industry will learn one way or another is that people will enjoy the movies they want in the way they want. If people have the option to pay for them they will (Amazon, Netflix, VUDU, etc, etc) and when they can't pay for them (new releases and restricted content) they will watch them at home anyway.
  • Exactly this. Just this last weekend I took the fam to see a matinee showing of a movie. Four tickets, three popcorns, three sodas, and just over $50 gone. Need more soda? You're missing part of the movie. Gotta pee? You're missing part of the movie. Wanna watch it again later? Oh well. With Redbox pretty much everywhere, and plenty of internet streaming options, it's a bit of a miracle that the movie theatere industry hasn't followed in the footsteps of Blockbuster Video.
  • I don't go to cinemas for the opposite reason. Where I live people happily bring in plastic bags, smelly foods, use their bright-as-the-sun phones (sometimes even answer them when they ring), talk to their friends loudly... movies just aren't enjoyable when there are so many distractions. Not all restrictions are evil you know. While I doubt glass is distracting to others, I really don't see why taking then off for 2 hours is an issue, unless they are prescription. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm sure Google already knows Glass is already a failure. They don't care anymore. Posted via Android Central App
  • Dear Movie Theaters,
    If your product can be harmed by recording it with Glass, then your product sucks. Perhaps work on improving it rather than having a knee jerk reaction to a technology you clearly don't understand. Sincerely, Customers Posted via the Android Central App on my Nexus 5
  • I thought glass can only record for 45min or so. What movie you going to pirate with that lol. Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)
  • Now here's an idea ... Maybe you could take them off and actually watch the film ? This is from a guy who thinks that anyone who stars mucking about with a Smartphone in the middle of the film should be forcefully ejected from the cinema. I'm sure I'm not alone on that ...
  • Prescription lenses on Glass . I'll leave it at that Posted via Android Central App
  • Sure. If your use of your devices interferes with my movie watching, you should absolutely be ejected. The same goes for the actions of your children. However, passively having a device sitting on your face (like eyeglasses have for pretty much ever) has absolutely no effect on me. I don't think you're a douche for having them, just like I don't think you're a douche for having your phone in your pocket. Now if you start talking to it, then we're back at the top. If you're going to punish one person for having something that could possibly record or cause a distraction for others, you should punish EVERYONE the same. i.e. no Glass? No cellphones, no children, no popcorn (crunch crunch), no sodas (slurp slurp)
  • I don't use Glass (no extra $1500 around here) but I can see it could be considered a distraction for the movie viewer (not talking about others, they wouldn't be bothered unless the Glass owner is somehow obnoxious)--however, I could also see that it might be an interesting experience to have info cards popping up for your info during the show...
  • I've worn them in theaters before (haven't had any of their staff object to me wearing it), and honestly the display is never really in the way. It did take some time getting used to the outline of the display at first, but it wasn't that difficult (I wear glasses anyway).
  • Yeah that's what I plan to do. Stare at the movie and not move my head at all. Then sell it for hundreds. Muahahaha! Sure people would love to see some shaky movie that will be only about 45 minutes long before the battery goes dead. I guess I can always bring in two pair, as soon as one dies out, I switch pair and keep my head still... perfectly for the next 45 more minutes hoping it's not an extended Peter Jackson movie. Google Glass would surely give all the quality piraters a run for their money. Now that they're stopping this from happening now pirating will go away. Posted via Nexu...LOOKOUT! ZOMBIE SQUIRRELS!
  • Brought to you by the same mentality that deems that guns kill people, if we make them illegal criminals won't have guns..... Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Making nearly all guns illegal in Chicago has sure eliminated gun violence!!
  • As if the two are remotely related. A pair of internet connected glasses aren't dangerous if stumbled upon by a child, and you can't really hurt someone else with them in any substantial way. I'm not saying I disagree with your argument. I'm just saying that if you force a connection in FAVOR of Glass, then those other idiots might draw the opposite conclusion. "It's just like guns! If we can get rid of both, think of all the good we can do!"
  • This is on par with those little warning labels on your cup of coffee from 7/11 or wherever. You know, the "Caution, Hot" warning so some stupid moron doesn't burn his poor little lips or tongue because he took a huge slurp. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that people would have to be told NOT to bring recording devices into a movie theater. I don't care if they are not convenient to use to record a movie. The point is, you are not a Borg, disconnect yourself from your technology for 2 hours. Is it going to kill you if you cant get that Viagra email when you go to watch Avengers. Or are you going to be so disappointed that you wont get that email from the rich Liberian who wants to give you half of his money. Unless you are a doctor or a cop or a fire fighter, NO ONE is that important that they cant disconnect for 2 hours. But on the other hand, if you can afford Glass, they you don't need to be going to movies as you are rich enough have have your own private screenings so do us all a favor and stay out of the theaters. We are all there to watch a movie, not be distracted by some self important a@@hat who feels the need to show how much money he has
  • How is me passively wearing a pair of prescription glasses with inactive technology on them distracting to you? Get over yourself. It is already against the rules to disturb others. Some douche is talking to his glasses? Sure, call the 12 year old manager and let him evict the guy. All these overly specific rules are ridiculous considering there are already rules that cover these situations. Poasted via the Anderoid Centeral App
  • I have to leave one more comment. Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal there was a great article about the hard times of the movie theatre industry because, wait for it, PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO SEE MOVIES at theatres anymore! The movie industry needs to be focused on how to monetize the home consumption of new release content. For example, a lot of people would be more than happy to pay $15 to watch a new release movie in HD at home via a streaming service. Perhaps more. Less and less are willing to pay $6 for a Coke.
  • I wouldn't even think this would need to be singled out. We aren't even allowed to have our phones near us during a movie. Anything that even remotely records shouldn't be surprised to be on the list of things you can't have during the movie. I don't see why anyone should even be considering using something like this on their face during the movie. We should be watching the movie. It's like pointing out that you can't wear Google Glass while inside a MRI machine. It's not a place for it.
  • Why they do this?
    Why Google glass is baned in n movie theaters ???