Pioneer announces new wave of Android Auto-friendly head units

CES 2016

As part of CES 2016, Pioneer has announced its latest in-car aftermarket dashboard units with support for Android Auto. These new units seem to feature primarily iterative improvements. While Pioneer is introducing five new units, only three of them are compatible with Android Auto.

The AVH-4200NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, and AVIC-8200NEX all feature 7-inch touchscreen displays, with support not only for Android Auto, but Apple's CarPlay and Pioneer's own AppRadio system. The screens of the 4200NEX and 7200NEX are resistive, while the 8200NEX sports a capacitive display.

Pioneer's suggested pricing for these units is similar to the pricing of last year's models.

  • AVH-4200NEX - $700
  • AVIC-7200NEX - $1,200
  • AVIC-8200NEX - $1,400

Pioneer's new head units are expected later this year. The company was one of the first aftermarket stereo makers to support the Android Auto system, which allows people to use many of the features of their phones safely while they're driving.

Source: Pioneer