Android 15 Beta 3 testers report an irritating lock screen problem

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What you need to know

  • Users have taken to Reddit to report a frustrating lock screen problem since installing Android 15 Beta 3.
  • Reports state that swiping away or tapping a notification on the lock screen causes the number pad (PIN) screen to appear unwantedly.
  • This issue extends to the camera app on the lock screen and the flashlight with restarting the device acting as a temporary solution.

Enrolled Android 15 testers report a severe problem following its arrival, which makes their device's lock screen useless.

Users on Reddit report frustrating problems trying to remove or tap on notifications in Beta 3 from their lock screen (via 9to5Google). The original poster states that when "swiping away a notification" on their lock screen, their device constantly produces the number pad for their PIN.

Additionally, this seemingly happens every time they attempt to interact with a notification. The user adds that when deleting multiple notifications, they have to "swipe left to delete it, then swipe from the edge to get out of the number pad again, and only then am I able to delete the next notification."

Other users chimed in, experiencing similar problems, however, it seems to stretch beyond notifications as one report mentions taking photos. The user stated that attempting to launch the camera app to capture a quick photo produces their phone's credentials display.

Another added that trying to turn on the flashlight causes the bug to rear its head, as well.

The publication had this issue occur on one device enrolled in the beta program. In the process, it seems that restarting your Pixel device acts as a bandaid, only solving the problem for a brief time.

Passcode popping up every time i delete a notification from r/android_beta

A few users in Beta 3 have reported noticing the problem on their Pixel 6 Pro and a Pixel 7 with others likely involved. The issue has been posted on the Issue Tracker, so it'll hopefully catch Google's attention as the beta progresses.

Google started rolling Android 15 Beta 3 last week, which pushed the company over a crucial "Platform Stability" milestone. We're a little closer to the next major OS launch, as a result. Beta 3 only brought a few features with its initial release, like improved passkeys and Credentials Manager. Testers can experiment with single-step sign-in capabilities through biometrics like their fingerprint.

Moreover, the update included autofill suggestions through the keyboard when using the Credentials Manager.

Android 15 is progressing as planned, as detailed by Google. Platform Stability testing extends into July, when we're likely to see more minor patches and another beta. We'll have to see where the pieces fall after as Google hasn't staked a potential release date in the sand yet.

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