Patterns add sophistication. Disney adds nerdiness. It's the perfect plan.

Patterns and geometry help us make sense and order out of the seemingly random nonsense of the world around us. They help us find peace, and their symmetry can be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mind. A patterned wallpaper can also work wonders on your home screen, helping you find and keep things in order so that you can get in, get out, and get back to conquering the world. Or just conquering that cake over there, whatever works.

Spaceship Earth

Who wants to come with me back to Disney World?

I can't look at a golf ball without thinking of Epcot. And while our phones may be bringing the promise of the future to our homes, our pockets, and the rest of our lives, if you need a little more vintage futuristic-ness on your device, this wallpaper is here for you.

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Spaceship Earth

Angular Infinity

Which side are you on?

This dark, angular wallpaper adds order to your screen while also offering a slight air of mystery as the pattern replicates into the shadows. It would also make an exceptionally good wallpaper for any Ingress fans out there... And Jan Robbe has got a sweet page full of wall-worthy images.

Angular Infinity by Jan Robbe

Mosaic Ceiling

Beautiful, isn't it?

Mosaics like these mesmerize and amaze, and if you'd like to bring their complex beauty to your desktop, we've got a wallpaper for your. This wallpaper is based on an actual mosaic on the ceiling of a tomb in Iran, edited to a more neutral palette that plays nice with more screens and more themes.

Mosaic Ceiling by hanciong{.cta .large}


Honey honey honey honey

"Honey… honey, honey, honey, honey…"

Ahem, sorry, my Winnie The Pooh filter kicked on. What were we talking about? Oh, right! This geometric beauty makes me want to find some honey and slather it on some warm baguettes. Om nom nom nom.


Geometric Landscape

The sun setting on the ocean... Did we find this in Atlantica somewhere?

I feel like we'll find a mural like this down in Atlantis when we finally find the city and convince Arthur Curry we're not going to overthrow his kingdom. (Well, not violently overthrow it, anyways.) And this symmetrical wallpaper is equally at home on phones or tablets, giving a sophisticated look to your screen.

Geometric Landscape by TiltedSquare

Order from chaos

Remember Spaceship Earth's clean isometric geometry? Yeah, this isn't like that. This is a patterned wallpaper, in a sense, but to most, that pattern would most assuredly scream CHAOS THEORY. There are rectangular grids here, angular grids here, and circles of greatly varying sizes, but everything comes together at their crossroads in a certain beauty. The colors here, are also a bit chaotic, but their overall palette is soothing, and if you paired this wallpaper with a bold, colorful icon pack, you could find a home screen that, like Android itself, finds order in chaos.

Geometric Wallpaper 91


Okay, this last one isn't one wallpaper, but rather a nifty little website that lets you render a trangled wallpaper in whatever color you like, and whatever resolution you like. It's easy to use, works on Chrome and means that no matter what color scheme you're going for, you can make a wallpaper that fits. The best pattern, after all, is the one that fits your style.

Trianglify Generator

Updated September 2017: Links have been updated for some wallpapers and new wallpapers have been added.