OnePlus Watch update finally brings promised workout modes, AI Outfit

OnePlus Watch review
OnePlus Watch review (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The OnePlus Watch is receiving an update that brings the promised 110 workout modes.
  • The device is getting an AI Outfit feature to mimic the user's clothing to create a watch face.
  • The update comes after OnePlus devices finally received the AOD function.

Owners of the OnePlus Watch are finally getting their hands on an update that brings the fitness features first promised at launch. OnePlus software manager Baihan H. announced update B.52 on Monday in the OnePlus forum.

The update brings more than 110 workout modes to the watch, a feature that the company first promised at launch and one of several that were notably missing. The update also introduces a marathon running function as well as a new AI Outfit feature.

AI Outfit was hinted at when the company announced the first major software update for the OnePlus Watch. The feature allows the user to change the watch face by capturing a photo of their outfit. The watch face will then generate various watch faces that the user can select from, with similar color schemes or patterns. It's a feature borrowed from the OPPO Watch.

With this new update, OnePlus is finally closer to giving customers the smartwatch that it promised. The last update was released in May and finally brought users the option for an always-on display, although at the expense of battery life which apparently drops by half. The company has also been working to improve system stability, notification syncing, and GPS tracking, although users are still complaining about GPS accuracy.

OnePlus has stated that the update will reach a small batch of users before a wider rollout within the next few days. Users should ensure that the OnePlus Watch has at least a 40% charge before attempting the update and should be kept close to the paired smartphone with Bluetooth on.

The company is continuing to improve the OnePlus Watch in the hopes that it can compete with the best Android smartwatches. So far, OnePlus has been quick about rolling out necessary updates, but it remains to be seen if it'll be enough to turn things around for the smartwatch.

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