OnePlus One

OnePlus One owners who live on the edge can get an official alpha release of the smartphone's Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM to install on their smartphone, provided they're willing to put up with a few bugs.

The download links and installation procedure are now available on the OnePlus One forums. The company stressed that this is just the first release for the OnePlus One in terms of its Lollipop support, and folks should be aware that this is a very early release with no real customizations. The post states:

It's so early, in fact, that this build contains no extras beyond the stock features of AOSP Lollipop. It's the base that we will continue to build upon, improve, and customize as we stabilize core functionalities on the latest firmware updates. As we look towards the official ROM release in the near future, we will keep to our promise and deliver an experience that is customizable, yet bloat-free with stock-Android-like simplicity by default; we wouldn't ask you to settle for anything less.

Issues like unstable Wifi, spotty camera performance, crashes and problems with the capacity keys are all here, but with an "alpha" tag you should be expecting those (and more).

While OnePlus' warranty does allow for flashing custom ROMs on their smartphone, including this release, any bugs that are discovered following such an installation are not covered by the company. Needless to say, this release is offered at the user's own risk.

Source: OnePlus

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