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RhinoShield's suite of OnePlus 6T accessories has something for everyone

RhinoShield knows how to make products that perfectly fit today's phones. They're functional and attractive, and though protective don't mar your phone's beauty like so many other rugged cases.

That's especially true on the OnePlus 6T (opens in new tab) which RhinoShield has awarded with its comprehensive suite of accessories, including its SolidSuit case, CrashGuard bumper, Impact and Tempered screen protectors, and compatibility with its awesome multi-device lenses, which we've covered in previous outings.

So should you invest in RhinoShield's strong ecosystem? Let's take a look through the products to take a look.

SolidSuit case

RhinoShield's flagship product, the SolidSuit case, is available in two finishes: Classic and Carbon. Both provide the same level of protection using the company's patented ShockSpread material, which moves a fall's point of impact around the entire frame of the case to lessen the potential for hardware damage. I can attest to this: I dropped my OnePlus 6T onto solid concrete only minutes after installing the SolidSuit case and it barely picked up a scuff.

While the SolidSuit case is only available in black (unlike the OnePlus 6 version, which we took a look at earlier), the difference in texture between the Classic and Carbon is subtle but significant. And while you're likely going to be happy with both, I prefer the matte finish of the Classic myself. It just feels awesome to hold every day.

Of course, being a OnePlus phone, the alert slider is one of the most important parts of the hardware, and the SolidSuit case not only covers it but lets it move freely, too.

The Classic model runs $29.99 while the Carbon version is $5 more, at $34.99. Both of them are compatible with the $4.99 adapter, which provides access to RhinoShield's two add-on lenses. Take a look at our OnePlus 6 coverage for photo examples from the lenses.

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CrashGuard bumper

The first product RhinoShield ever made is still one its most versatile. Featuring the same ShockSpread material as the SolidSuit case, the CrashGuard bumper merely lops off its back, exposing the beauty of the OnePlus 6T's metal rear in all of its glory. For a rounded-back phone like the 6T, the CrashGuard feels like an especially perfect fit, since the curved corners make it easier to grip on to the phone.

Like the SolidSuit case, all of the phone's ports are exposed but protected, including the bottom speaker, microphone, and USB-C port. Covers for the volume and power buttons are easy to press, and the multi-alert slider still works as expected.

At $24.99, this is one of the best deals in phone protection out there today, especially because it works so well with RhinoShield's awesome screen protectors.

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Screen protectors

I got to try RhinoShield's Impact Protection screen protectors for both the front and back of the phone, and given this is a dry install, both went extremely well — and quickly.

The beauty is in the package: each screen protector comes with the cover itself, but also a microfiber cloth and a convenient dust-removal sticker that, when used together, ensure that there are no particles left behind. And given that the OnePlus 6T itself comes with its own pre-installed screen protector — a low-quality one, which on my unit was scratched all to heck — I was able to do the switch in seconds to prevent any dust from settling on the screen. Even better, RhinoShield's also works great with the in-display fingerprint sensor, something I was a little concerned about.

Installing the back protector was a little more difficult — precision is everything when you're dealing with a raised camera bump — but I did it nonetheless, though I'll note that because my alignment wasn't perfect the CrashGuard bumper caused one corner of the sheet to lose a little adhesive.

All told, with the Impact screen protector at $24.99 and the back protector at $19.99, these are great ways to keep both sides of your phone protected while looking brand new — all day, every day.

For years to come.

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