One of the EVO 4G LTE's most important features may be one you hate the most

I worry about my HTC One X. I live in fear that I will render its camera -- one of the more important parts of the phone -- useless by scratching the camera lens to no end. On the One X, which is made up of just a single piece of polycarbonate, there's no easy way to replace the lens cover. That's not the case with the EVO 4G LTE. The lens cover is a part of the removable cover.

And that's a bit ironic, don'tcha think? The part that is the subject of much controversy (some folks are little upset over the design) could well be the phone's savoir. The camera on the HTC One series -- as well as the HTC EVO 4G LTE -- is one of its most important features. If you're looking for another way the E4GLTE might best the excellent HTC One X, here it is.

  • They really mess this phone up, every time i see it it gets uglier, oh man!!.
  • well i think that phone looks fantastic. very unique. just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone will feel the same.
  • It is very ugly. How did you go from something as beautiful as EVO 4G to this?
  • I originally wasn't a fan of this design, but with the features you get over the One X I started to give it another shot. On the flip side, I read one comment that changed my mind. The comment spoke about how it is visually different instantly and that as soon as you see it, you know it is the Evo. I love that concept, that it is, per say, ugly, but different enough and bold enough to instantly say, HEY! This is the new Evo. ^^ I remember having to look up close at many phones to make sure it was an Evo back when it came out. It was a black slab and most of the time, here in NY, it was. I felt a sense of camaraderie, and being outside of the iPhone, that is hard to find. I am sold on the design, but not sure if I will jump on the phone, being that I still love my OG Evo and that there isn't too much reason to switch without LTE on Long Island. I'll see what they have for the winter first, and until then I'll stick with my rooted Evo running MikG.
  • I liked your post, it reminded me of the Hunter S Thompson quote. “Too strange to live, too rare to die!” I actually love the phone, I think we were all drooling over the beautiful design of the One X and we got use to the look of it. But then when sprint completely changes the design we all went into shock, but the more I look at the phone the more I love it. I wont even get a case, I am a no case kind of guy. What else can be said, haters gonna hate.
  • First time I saw it I didn't like the looks... but it's growing on me and now I'm finding more of these slick little tweaks built into this version of the One X... so I'm to the point where I can't really see myself being happy with anything other than this phone. But hey, that's just me.
  • so glad thatpart is detachable! I'm going to plastidip that ugly piece of plastic
  • I am sympathetic to your stance, but seriously, I applaud HTC for not doing another drab black slab phone. The red highlights are bold but stylish. I want phones that aren't so iPhone-ish is design - seriously. I can only stand so many black with silver trim phones - they are starting to look dated - and so is your taste...
  • Being said, I really hate this feature
  • I REALLY don't see how its so ugly. Its a lot better looking than my Evo 3D. It looks like an Evo to me. Its not suppose to be the One X. Its the new Evo. They wanted to go for a design that sticks out and is different. Most of the time people are gonna have a case on it anyway. I know I will.
  • Just because is the new evo does not mean it needs to be ugly.
  • Just because your opinion is that it's ugly, doesn't mean it actually is to everyone else. It's your preference. Don't get it if you don't like. Whining about it won't help.
  • Touche! Damn whiners, go kick some rocks.
  • Exactly!. Don't like the looks? Mask the lense, and hit it with flat black spray paint. Just stop whining because they didn't hire YOU as a designer. Every time some 14year old mentality posts the word Ugly, I want to grab them by the wattles and slap them till they spit.
  • What's a wattle?
  • I agree with you pDoG... This is much sleeker and better looking than my EVO 3D. It is very faithful to the EVO line as well and actually looks like an updated EVO. I don't normally pick my phone on aesthetics primarily so it wouldn't affect me either wau because I love the features and hardware.
  • Why not a poly carbon camera plate uptop? Gloss black looks goofy, hello fingerprints, smh HTC USA. One X design >
  • The top piece is polycarbonate.
  • I think the issue is that it is SHINY polycarb, rather than the soft touch on the bottom half. Personally I agree. The three tone (shiny black, shiny red, matte charcoal,) color scheme is hideous. If it was two tone it would be better, Monotone would be ideal. What bugs me the most about it is the stupid kickstand instead of the dock connectors. Idiotic design decision. That kickstand will break off inside a month, and then you have a pointless red stripe on the back. Bleah. What I want to know is how hard it is to remove the bottom half and the kickstand. I'd rather buy a replacement back from AT&T or a Euro carrier for the thing than deal with this fugliness.
  • "That kickstand will break off inside a month" ... are you seriously that retarded? Or are you just trolling? HTC would not release a product with a kick stand that just breaks on its on. If you are dumb enough to be doing something with your phone that would forcefully break it... well you get what you deserve. I'd like to see you break that aircraft grade aluminum though.
  • I'm not trolling but apparently you are. Anyone who doesn;t understand that a THIN little sliver of a kickstand, EVEN ONE MADE FROM ALUMINUM, will break with almost no effort at all is a moron. One single misplaced hand will snap this thing off or bend it and then what do you do? Kickstands are STUPID design decisions. Much like non-removable batteries they are single points of failure in a design that can make a customer return the item. It's FOOLISH to have them. You want a kickstand? Get a case with one. Leave them off flagship phones. That doesn't even get into how hideous the tri-tone back is. As I said, I want to see a teardown on this thing to see how easy it is to replace all 3 back parts with an aftermarket single piece back. If it's not possible then this thing is DOA as far as I'm concerned.
  • Don't sell yourself short, you're a fantastic troll. Have you held the phone in your hand? No. Is your opinion based on more than early judgment and assumption? No.
    I don't understand why people feel it's necessary to whine and complain about something if it's so bad then don't worry about the damn ugly phone so much? You're gonna put a friggin cover on it anyway even if it's the most immaculate phone design ever...
  • Heh, I realize that's a backhanded compliment, but I'll take it anyway. Ironically, I'm really NOT trying to troll. Just frustrated with what I see as poor design decisions. Obviously I haven't had the chance to hold one. Nobody but early reviewers have. But based on the photos, of which there are many, I'm very disappointed with this phone. As I note in my post below, you are correct, I would probably slap a case on it. Which makes the inclusion of a kickstand even more inane. MOST people will slap a case on it, so the kickstand won't EVER be used. WHY INCLUDE IT THEN??? It is an utterly indefensible design decision. You can buy a CASE with a kickstand, why the need to do all these design back flips to include it on the phone? It's not like every other EVO has had one, so it's not really an "EVO" thing. It's just stupid, when all the other iterations of the OneX that we've seen so far have been GEORGEOUS examples of Apple-beating design prowess, Sprint just utterly fumbles it with this horrific design. It boggles the mind how such a complete and utter design FAIL can happen. The worst part is that otherwise the E4GLTE is an amazing phone. But this design is like Sprint took a Ferarri 458 and added oversized spinner rims, a lift kit and a whale tail. UGH.
  • Were you this butt hurt when the Evo 4G came out? Seriously, if you think the kick stand will break off, you really are that naive. You've probably never owned a phone with an integrated kick stand. Like I said before, if you are doing something that drastic to your phone to apply that much pressure on the kick stand, you deserve what you get. I've owned the EVO 4G and in my case I never once had an issue to where I felt the kick stand would break. That is just my experience alone but I'm sure almost every other single EVO 4G owner would agree with me. I do love how you have to emphasize words with cap locks though like it really helps proving your point. SEE I can DO IT TOO. Does THIS make my POINT any more VALID? I see your point about a single point of failure with the battery. I believe your views on battery failure are a bit skewed. In the time it takes the battery to completely not hold a charge, your two year contract would already be up. As for failure of batteries, those would be isolated incidents and a Sprint tech would gladly replace the battery. In the life time of your phone with a removable battery, how many times have you had to replace it??
  • Better yet, they don't have to buy it. Man all of these over night phone designers.
  • Kickstand are stupid to you. I think you're the minority on this one. A flimsy kickstand is a poor design decision, but not the one on the OG EVO and this one actually looks to be designed and connected even better. If you watched the design video you can see how they're made and if you're paying attention you can see how they're secured to the chassis.
  • Kickstands are a FANTASTIC design feature. I've used the kickstand on my launch day evo every day at work since I got it, and it is still in perfect condition. Kickstands on phones are what makes life worth living!
  • Don't let the fact that this same material is used on air planes and space shuttles, get in the way of your stupidity.
  • I've been using my evo 3d for a few months now and one thing I sorely miss about my previous EVO is the KICKSTAND!! I used that stand everyday for more than a year and I wish ever phone I use has that. I'm sure there are lots of users like me who think the kickstand is usefull and not 'an idiotic decision'!! You don't like it, don't use it, it's not even in the way
  • I've used the kickstand extensively for the last two years on my OG Evo, and the kickstand is still the most in shape part on my phone. The rest is pretty battered and bruised, but the kickstand just keeps on a rocking. TWO YEARS and it still hasn't come close to breaking off. So stop trolling.
  • Well then its DOA to you. The bottom matte part is not removable, its part of the metal unibody. You can watch this video ( at about 1:50 where they show it in pieces and that part doesn't come off.
  • Oh, and as noted my another poster, most people put full cases on their smartphones, which means that in most cases the kickstand is a feature that will never be used. Sprint could have put on a one-piece fully removable back, added a replaceable battery and left the dock connector in place. This phone would have been perfect. Instead they drop a highly useful feature (dock connector) give it a pointless kickstand, make it ugly and skip out on the removable battery. And this is supposed to be a FLAGSHIP phone? Don't make me laugh.
  • Dude, did you ever own a ki kstand phone and did you look for phone covers? There were tons of covers with open gaps for kick stands. Lmao, you really want people to not like this phone I can tell!
  • Dude, did you ever own a kickstand phone and did you look for phone covers? There were tons of covers with open gaps for kick stands. Lmao, you really want people to not like this phone I can tell!
  • Did you ever even own an EVO? You seem to be here to bitch and complain because you're bored and angry and bitter. I tried out a dozen different cases for my EVO and every one of them was made with an access opening for the kickstand. Any cases for this will be the same. Having an opinion is one thing, but you're ranting about shit that isn't even true.
  • You're mistaken on so many fronts. First off, what is your basis for argument that you know the kickstand will break off within a month? The kickstand on my OG Evo is going strong for almost two years and I use it daily. Also, I've never heard of a kickstand breaking off on any of the other phones with regular usage. Honestly, some people like and prefer a kickstand. It's one of the features that set my phone apart from the herd. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten gasps from iPhone users when I show them the kickstand while watching a vid or something. Finally, in 2012, I know it's extremely difficult to cut a rectangular square into a smartphone case to accommodate the kickstand. My current case on my OG Evo allows me to use it; I guess this won't be the case with the new phone (pun and sarcasm intended). I actually like the fact that this phone is not another black slab like Samsung keeps putting out. It stands out, is different, functional with expandable memory, and might even look better in person that all the pics and vids we've seen everywhere. Oh and re: the battery, its a higher capacity than anything else out there in this class 'cept for the Maxx. So what's your point...
  • Idiot. .. there is a dock connector.
  • while i don't disagree with your first point, i think he was referring to the loss of the dock points in the back of the case of the one x. they allow for car/desk docks you dont have to plug into, just drop it onto them.
  • Yes a seriously retarded whinner, he is.
  • Yes you are ignorant. The polycarbonate top permits better signal reception. The bottom part is aluminum. There are people who have no sense of design and function. In these categories this new HTC EVO LTE even blows away the iPhone.
  • Well i am sure there will be $5 replacements on Ebay in whatever color you may want shortly after release. I am just glad they decided to tone down that massive ugly camera hump on that's on the one x.
  • If what you say comes true it would be nice if they sold a texture cover to match the bottom part.
  • Or better yet, some 3rd party folks come out with a full conversion kit that lets you swap out all 3 back parts for a single monochrome and removable back plate.
  • You are STILL AN IDIOT. There aren't three pieces. The phone rim and main back are one solid piece of metal. Watch the damn video and THINK before posting:
  • And you are still an asshole. Seriously, fuck you. I don't like it and I have a right to express my opinion on it. It's UGLY. Its just unfortunate that they spent so much effort to make something so ugly. And the kickstand IS a separate piece, according to your own video. So you can replace that at least. With a slightly longer back part to cover the hole where the kickstand was you are all set.
  • I'm pretty sure the plastic helps for the radios.
  • I can't wait to get mine! (Well, I HAVE to wait until August, but...
  • Sweet! No more having a constant concern...replacements will be made somewhere...maybe even different colors, hmmmm.
  • The back of the Evo 4G LTE is a non factor for me. 4.7 inch Super LCD2 display with 720p resolution, a dual core S4 snapdragon processor, a better camera UI with enhanced image software, 2000 maH battery, & ICS out of the box. (Hopefully LTE will be in my area soon. SGS 3 where are you?)
  • As someone on the Phandroid forums pointed out, they most likely went with the glossy/matte finish because it looks better than having two matte pieces that don't match.
  • Would have been smarter to scrap the stupid kickstand and just have one fully removable back and a replaceable battery. Would have fit in the same space and made the phone 100x better. Then they could have kept the dock connector too.
  • And then people would have complained that the entire back was plastic and felt "cheap". Yeah, great idea to get rid of the aluminum and replace the entire back with plastic.
  • Yeah, actually. Great idea. Aluminum does nothing but ruin the signal. A full sized soft-touch back in polycarb would have been awesome on this phone. Then you could have had a replaceable battery too. The way it is now? Nope. HTC = Apple wannabe failure. I'll stick with Samsung.
  • This phone rocks, the design of it is nice. Can't wait to get my hands on one. Again though, its amazing to see how many people focus on one perceived negative but can't look at what this phone has that the one x doesn't all while retaining the same thinness. Come on people, seriously. It adds kickstand(not that important to some), dedicated camera button, larger battery and micro sd support but the phone sucks because its shiny on one end. Just sad.
  • Ok seriously folks, yes it may be ugly, but why are you concerned about how the BACK of your phones looks, you should be focused on the screen...
  • Thank you for bringing some common sense to the discussion. 90% of the people I know with higher end smart phones have a full cover. Complaining about the back of your phone is like complaining about the color of a mattress: you will never see it and had no effect on the what you get out of it
  • Thats what I say. Also, like my evo 3D, I am going to just cover it over with carbon fiber that they sell at the ghost armor shops in the mall. Its an easy fix and I will never see the gloss again.
  • So I gather when you buy a car you only care about the dashboard because that's all you see? Got it.
  • This was an idiotic analogy.
  • Indeed it was lol.
  • I may prefer the One X over the EVO for looks, but since I always have a case on my phones anyway I am not all that worried. I more interested in function. Form is mostly covered up. Why else would there be such a huge industry for smartphone cases? Been to a BestBuy or Apple store lately? Even Apple with all of its design majesty offers a crap ton of cases in store to cover their proud design of a phone.
  • I never covered my OGEVO nor my EVO 3D.
    Of course I'm not a girl looking to make a personal fashion statement nor a spazoid. The white HTC ONE X is too feminine for my taste and I don't like the drab grey or black versions I am very pleased with the design of the new EVO LTE and will have mine on release day. And I think the design exudes high tech power and class.
  • I agree that that they should have kept the same matte finish up top but,eh...its starting to grow on me! (Bye Bye 3vo!) And, like is being said, someone will create a replacement for it... hello SEIDIO
  • If I had a choice I would pick the EVO's new design.
    I would be concerned with getting my camera lens scratched up on the One X. A lot easier to replace on the EVO.
    The kickatand is awesome too.
    Some say it's ugly. I can't think of a phone that has come out where someone has said it was ugly. Some even said the Galaxy Nexus was ugly when it first came out.
    The EVO looks good to me.
  • I am with you. Some people have a really hard time understand that their opinion, is just that, an opinion.
  • What would be REALLY interesting is if they have different lens options integrated into the covers! Say, one with a macro lens, one with a wide angle, and one with a telephoto. It would beat the heck out of those cheesy magnetic ones you see for the iphones!
  • Bingo!! We have a marketing winner. Great idea....swapable covers with different lenses catering to mobile photographers. I like it. There should be no reason to carry around a separate point-n-shoot these days.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw this story. Sadly I had to wade through a billion and 1 posts about the back cover being ugly and the kick stand having brittle bone disease before I found someone like-minded as myself. Maybe more than just swapable covers with the change in lenses built in maybe a cover that you swap out that has twist-lock tabs on it that you can then swap out different lenses for it. One cover and you sell the different lenses (kinda like having a DSLR with different lenses you can pop on and off.) Then you can make alternative covers for other phones that use the same series of lenses...>BRILLIANT!
  • What would be REALLY interesting is if they have different lens options integrated into the covers! Say, one with a macro lens, one with a wide angle, and one with a telephoto. It would beat the heck out of those cheesy magnetic ones you see for the iphones!
  • May I suggest E4L as a better nickname than E4GLTE. Or maybe "Evo LTE," as the "4G" is redundant anyway.
  • ELTE!
  • Or HTC One evo
  • Looks like EAGLE to me (T being silent). Some other guy pointed it out in a different comment section.
  • EVOX
  • I have already decided to just call it the "Evo LTE". You *want* to retain the word "Evo" because people will immediately know what it is. So you just need to then know if it is the original (4G or OG) the 3D or the LTE variant.
  • cool
  • And dont forget the physical dedicated camera button. If I have any complaint its that the charge port isn't on the bottom of the device. That would make things so much easier.
  • Have you seen the back side of that shiny cover? It's loaded with antennas and contacts. That might be a huge hindrance for aftermarket companies to reproduce the piece. Also, the lens cover material is usually very low quality on aftermarket parts. So, there might not be an (acceptable) option to replace it with something better looking.
  • I am going to guess it is only the NFC antenna. I never use NFC on my Nexus S so I don't care about it but there are aftermarket covers that come with or without it.
  • Nope, most of the antenna are in the cover. All of the little gold contacts on the back under the cover are to contact the antennas. One thought I just had - they could change the back cover to change the LTE frequency band the antenna is tuned for.
  • Spell it 'E4GLTE',
    Say it 'EAGLE'...
  • Evo LTE. Done.
  • Is scratching the lens cover really that big of a concern? I remember that waas something many were scared of in the EVO4G, but even though my screen got scratched to hell, there wasn't any noticeable marks on the lens.
  • I want this phone and I want it NOW!!!
  • I'm happy that it can take a memory card, but I'd be happier still if it had a replaceable battery. If I wanted jewelry over function, I'd have a crappy iphone.
  • Hit it out of the park. Kudos HTC.
  • This would make me choose this phone over the One x..... There has got to be a better way to recess the lens for more scratch protection.....
  • On all smartphones, the outer piece of durable scratch resistant glass is the lens cover; not the lens. Yapper mouths speak out of ignorance.
  • I'm in the minority here, but I like the looks of the new EVO. It doesn't look like every other phone out there. It has character and distinction. Well done HTC!
  • Exactly, it's growing on me as well. Might even look better in person. And with all the aftermarket replaceable panels that are bound to come out....who cares people!!!
  • You are not in the minority. You are probably in the non-vocal majority.
  • Not really according to all the bigger tech sites.
  • Geeez. What has happened to manhood in America. Am I really seeing a bunch of DUDES in here crying about how a phone looks? Seriously? Is it not frilly enough for some of you? Does the red clash with your pink shirts? I just can't believe that some of you are taking on the the worst stereotypical traits of WOMEN and embracing them. Next some of you will be mad that the phone doesn't match your shoes. Man up. Man up. MAN THE HELL UP!!!
  • Pissed about it because it looks like a woman's phone. Ugly red pussy stripe on it and whatnot. I want a nice flat black MANLY back on my phone. Got it?
  • and ur a little bitch pussy! get a phone YOU think is "PRETTY"! PUSSY!!
  • Well said...dudes out here are on some other stuff I swear it's actually kinda scary.
  • You sound worse associating colors to manhood than the others complaining about the glossy top piece.
  • LOL. People that get upset about associating things to manhood are usually the ones that don't understand the concept of manhood. I lump the dudes that are mad about the color in with dudes that are mad about a glossy cover. Both groups need to start wearing skirts.
  • I'm not upset. It just makes you sound more insecure about yourself. But you keep putting on that "I'm a big tough man" act, I'm sure it works well for you...
  • To all the haters , they sell the One x over @ AT&T. Can't wait to get my new EVO!
  • +1 Darkman
  • Likely Sprint's designers messed with the original design of HTC One X camera for the worse. Included camera lenses are usually glass and have higher optical quality than separate polycarbonate lenses that are easier to scratch, but replaceable. Also the camera "hump" people complain about are because camera modules need to have a minimum focal length, it's just a physical limitation of current cameras on phones. The hump comes because ther est of the phone can be slimmed down, and rather than have the whole phone be thicker, they can minimize what's possible, except the camera part.
  • No, Sprint did not "mess" with the camera. And what you see on the outside is a protective glass, it is not the lens. ALL cellphone cameras are like that.
  • whine whine whine bitch bitch bich! Complain more!! its not gonna change! Its not ment to be a ONE X!!! Its a FN EVO!!! Get over it!!!! A lot of people love the look! it wasnt sprint that said we want this it was HTC and Sprint that concluded the final design! stuped F#$%s!!!!! Shut up! Get a phone YOU think is "pretty"!
  • I'll be happy when they quit imitating the iphone. Microsoft murdered their marketplace when they imitated the ios 3's lack of multitasking. Getting rid of replaceable batteries is not a good thing. There's a reason every phone prior to the iphone has had them!
    Preferring a slightly thinner but dead phone over one with a cover is idiotic.
  • Seriously what is the deal with the haters! We all know that aftermarket products will be out and will be easily replaced my god! I'm sure that 70% of the users will have cases so what does it matter if it's shinny? Jump on the bandwagon or sit there with your g1 and shut up
  • and if you dont like the red stripe PAINT it black you pussy bitces!!! its not that hard!
  • Crazace, can you please refrain from more profanity... I am sure your point has been made... Lets try to keep this discussion civil ,and not resort to name calling....
  • Haters gonna hate. It is natural for the best phone to get jealous rage pointed at it. Once the SG3 or whatever new device is announced that takes the top spot then the hate for the EVOX will die down.
  • Two most important, dedicated camera button and removable storage. Most disliked, shape. I like what they did with the matte black finish but wish they would've stayed with the illusion of the concave/convex, depending on how your looking at the phone, appearance.
  • Why so much talk about the EVO 4G LTE? Is anyone even on Sprint? Do people seriously deal with slow 3G speeds and non-existent LTE that won't even penetrate buildings on purpose?
  • Mostly depends on where you live. Sprint is fast enough to do everything I want. I can watch youtube videos without buffering over 3G which is about as data heavy of a thing I would ever do on a phone. Plus I have two smartphones with unlimited everything and it is about half the price that two smartphones (with as close to unlimited everything you can get) would cost on Verizon(Work discount 24%).
  • Yeah, I get that. I just don't think I could deal with consistent speeds under 1 mbps and when I read that their LTE is going to operate on the 1900 mhz spectrum, I was floored. That's barely better than the almost-worthless WiMax running at 2500 mhz. Unlimited data is no good to me if it's that slow. I'm not sure how you can stream youtube videos over that, unless the latency is just super fast.
  • PEOPLE!!! .....SO GOOFY!!!
  • Can't wait to get mine!!!
  • I see no problem with the design most people put cases on anyway. I will be getting one on June the 1st to replace my EVO 3D and it's average at best camera.
  • This is really sad, I'm not like a brand diehard but I do like android alot and I dislike apple about as much. I work at sprint in West Hollywood ca right down the street from the beverly center come see me tall dude only one with corn rows in the building. I have to say though for as much as I dislike apple, apple fans stand behind they're products. I'm not talking about the sheep. I mean the people who really do research and feel the iphone or apple whatever is the best product out there based on what is important to them. On the other hand you got "us" the Never satisfied android users. I hear it all day everyday the whining the complaining. Most people are consumers and don't care but then you get the android USERS people who consider themselves front runners of the OS and as much as it pains me to admit they sound and act like a lot of you here spoiled ungrateful children. I find it amazing that none of us who looooove the one x design so much fail to point out that it was reported to have a concave issue in the middle of the backplate, or that it has no dedicated camera button on a phone where arguably the best feature is the camera. No one yelled at the top of they're lungs about the horribly protruding camera lens that like many have pointed out will get scratches. Most of you have never taken a design class of any sort in your live yet feel somehow your so qualified to have such harsh criticism on something you clearly don't understand. HTC didn't just say hey how can we ruin the design of the one x for sprint. It's NOT the one X its internals are arranged differently when was the last time u did a megahertz band test on hundreds of different materials? For those of you who don't like how it looks that's cool to each his own but alot of you are sounding like idiotic toddlers with the why didn't they make it out of the same materials on top and all that. Didn't you learn anything from signal strength and design flaws from the Asus transformer prime. (which I have so yes I can speak on it) bottom line is a lot goes into this stuff the folks at HTC are by no means perfect but I think they really nailed it with this phone minus the non removable battery but I'm gonna give it a shot all the other perks are work it in my opinion. These aren't paper planes people they're computers in your pocket android users in particular are sounding a little to spoiled these days. And one last thing if you watch the design video the guy makes a great point he says when you see this product from across the room you KNOW it's an Evo. I for one remeber loving when the Evo 4G was really kicking IAss and people would ask is that that new Evo phone cause they saw the red camera ring or I had it up on the kickstand. U may not realize it as much but in our store the only standout android phone is the white galaxy S2 every other device is a basic black slab to some extent. Like it or not this phone will truly stand out and in a good way it'll evoke questions and then you can tell them why your phone is so much better than an iphone. Just my 12 cents though can't wait till it comes out hopefully I can be my stores advocate for it.
  • I saw this post and told myself that there would be no way in hell I am gonna read all that, LOL. I am glad I did though, you made lots of great points.
  • I get it. Reading and learning is difficult for you - muffinman.
  • Nah man, just lazy as hell, that's all.
  • Great post from 3rdCoDef, a person with intelligence and experience. If I didn't have a favorite Sprint store in Orange County, I'd drive up to purchase my upgrade from you. This new Sprint HTC EVO LTE is so distinctive and bad ass, You and Sprint will sell a lot. And over the Summer you'll witness a lot of head turning, "what's that", and "that's awesome" on the street.
  • 3rdCoDef THANKS for the vid link! I now have even more appreciation for the design elements of this phone. All I can say is I'll be pre ordering mine on 5/7.
  • Very well put 3rdCoDef.
    My only regret on this phone is that my upgrade does not come till October this year. Whiners will whine. It is the superior phone to the One X. Thank you Sprint for consistently bringing a flagship device every year. Now just bring LTE to Phoenix please!
  • Wow, people actually read that wall of text?. I got through a few sentences, and you have some points, but Jesus, paragraphs please.
  • If you don't like the way this phone looks......STOP LOOKING AT IT!
    Would you go to a beauty contest to look at the "ugly" girls?
    I like it. Shiny cover and all. It's for Sprint customers who like the EVO series.
    Don't like it...don't buy it. Go look at the One X with its bulky camera and its lack of a microSD slot.
  • Great post 3rdCoDef!.... its a hell of a phone, and I can't wait to get it!
  • I really dont get what the complaining is about. At the end of the day you are all going to put a cover on the phone and wont even remember how the damn thing looks lol
  • Well ,well , people , lets see what we got here ! yep , its freaking Ugly ! you know what , most people grab a case and stuff it in it , and there you go ! any freaking color you want ,i mean , what matters is the guts of the thing , the insides , really! whinners !if you dont like it , stop being a spoiled little girl and look the other way my friend , dont spend your hard earned pennies on this Ugly thing , but if you like sprint that much , then shut up and buy it ! got it ?
  • Getting tired of writing the whole name out already... can we just dub it the LTEVO already?
  • That red kickstand, if it is one, will cause me to never buy that phone. Oh, it's on Sprint. I won't anyhow.
  • LOL at the haters, I work and sprint and I all ready know how to sell this phone. I will even sell it on the way it looks, so rage on about how "ugly it is".
  • Being a salesman at sprint is nothing to be proud of. I haven't forgotten how when I had cracked a display, sprint had taken over htc's repair service yet provides no repair service. I fixed it myself with parts from ebay, thanks for nothing. I suppose you feel proud for selling the palm pre.
  • As much as this EvoLTE impresses me, I wouldn't have bought one while I still on Sprint.
    Its not worth an extra $60/month over an ATT OneXL used on T-Mobile. Not even close.
  • An extra $60/mo???
  • Im not impressed. I think I will hold on to my old Evo until Sprint puts out a phone that can compete with the Galaxy Note. If I buy this phone next month and 4 months from now they get the Note I would be pissed so its best that I wait.
  • Will arguably be the best Android phone on the market this summer. Great looking phone, inside and out!
  • They may catch that and change it before the release of the phone
  • Ummm, have the phone right now. I don't see any lens cover as part of the back cover. Lens is recessed. That is about it.