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Official Formula 1 app coming to Android

It's (unfortunately) pretty normal for Android to still play second fiddle when it comes to app development. We see iOS get 'em first, then Android. Not so in the case of Formula 1, which broke the news on its website.

The popular racing league is prepping an Android application with push notifications for the start of the upcoming season. It's being developed in conjunction with Vodafone and will feature "live timing data direct to your phone from every session of the Grand Prix weekend." You'll need to be registered with (opens in new tab) to take advantage of all the features.

There also will be track and weather info, track status indicator, text commentary, and results for every race of the season, a calendar and standings. Basically, everything an F1 fan could want.

No precise date was given for release, but we'd look for it soon, with the Quantas Australian Grand Prix scheduled for March 25-27 in Melbourne. F1 says iOS and other platforms will follow. [Formula 1 (opens in new tab) via @racelike]

  • CrackBerry Kevin will be so jealous!
  • Heck yes.
    Finally a good f1 app.
    Shame about the staus of the Bahrain GP, but its understandable.
  • good to see developers making the jump...thanks vodafone :P
  • finally YES.
  • mmmm sure? what about this app for the last year/seasson? and this other one for this year? maybe you should check your information before pubishing lies
  • Those are premium apps. You get live timing but also a bunch of other stuff that is waaaay overpriced. For $32 dollars a season that app should be streaming live video feed to my phone, not a bunch of dots that jump around on a google map. This new app is specifically for the website. It will have all the news/info/features that the website offers for free, including live timing. maybe YOU should check your information before publishing spam
  • ""live timing data direct to your phone from every session of the Grand Prix weekend." " that's exactly what the app I put before done, I don't care about the price I don't sell them neither I didn't need to bought. You can't advertise an app saying is the FIRST time you can see live timing on android when already are at least 2. Maybe hole post is spam and I'm the only one discovering the lie.
  • The app that features live timing is being released on Android market first. That is a fact. You are an intelligent human being. That is a lie
  • you need to speak about anothers intelligence, to defend your own ideas... you couldn't be more wrong. But is OK I'm not going to loose my time with an "incredible" mind (maybe in your neighborhood).
  • I'm with delpalo on this one. The F1 2010 timing app was great to have last season and i'll probably get the 2011 app this year even if it is way overprices.
  • awesome!!!!
  • Lol I love the way you call what is essentially the pinnacle of all motor sport ie: F1 a "popular racing league", you do realise that it has THE most advanced cars and THE best drivers in the world and encompasses the entire globe.
    Ah well apart from that I'm glad to see android getting some love before the iphone for once, it does annoy me a bit to see so many apps developed for apples little baby and the 'droid losing out or having to wait weeks/months before we get a badly converted version.
    Here's hoping for a change of fortune.
  • lol. Was waiting for this one. Forgive us, we're dirty Americans. But to our credit, we knew enough to know how important this app is to a lot of people. :)
  • I forgive you, just don't do it again or I'll be forced to switch to iPhone and rubbish android in every forum I find ;) (just joking I couldn't do that to myself, I love my Desire too much).
  • Don't put all of us in the same basket. There are a few Americas (me) that hate NASCRAP/CRASHCAR and are F1 fanatics
  • This is what I was waiting for even before buying my Android phone! It must be said that last year (and maybe for a couple of years, I don't know exactly) they had this app for iPhone. Now we have the Android version, with the new push notification service feature coming at first for it.
  • This app was available last year for the iPhone. Used it every race weekend. But I'm glad I can now have it on my new Inspire.
  • Since Android is king in Europe, it's not hard to see F1 to develop app for Android platform first. Nascar probably doing an iOS app first.
  • I think you'll find F1 is king everywhere apart from America, like most world sports to be honest.
  • Look up the facts, and edit your post. :)
  • I have this app on my iPod touch, used it during last season, I don't know why Android hasn't gotten it any sooner.
  • Sergio Perez FTMFW!