Shield Android TV

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV set-top box is now an even better value thanks to the addition of a TV-style remote. The $49.99 accessory for the device has been available as a separate purchase, but it is now bundled with the Shield Android TV and its game controller without raising its current $199.99 price tag. Amazon is offering the package for $175.

NVIDIA decided to promote this new offer for the Shield Android TV with a rather cool video that shows a man in a plane who is placed in a special rig where he could play games and watch video on the set-top box while in the air. Then that rig was ejected from the plane at 10,000 feet. As it states in the video itself, don't try this at home.

The free remote is only being offered for a limited time with the Shield Android TV, according to NVIDIA's site, but there's no word on when the promotion will expire.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV for $175 at Amazon

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