Nuance's Dragon Anywhere hopes to take mobile dictation to the next level

Nuance has announced a new, cloud-powered mobile version of its popular Dragon voice dicatation app. Called Dragon Anywhere, the app offers continuous dictation, syncing with various cloud services, and sync between your phone, tablet, and desktop.

Dragon Anywhere offers continuous dictation, so it won't stop listening for your dictation or commands until you tell it to. The app is also constantly learning how you speak to improve its accuracy. In addition to dictation commands, Dragon Anywhere has a number of function commands as well, such as emailing or sharing your current document and turning the microphone off.

You'll be able to use a number of cloud services with Dragon Anywhere, which will allow you to work on any of your documents while using the app. Dragon Anywhere also keeps in sync with the upcoming Dragon desktop apps, letting you access things like your custom words across your phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

Dragon Anywhere will be a subscription-based app, though Nuance has yet to announce pricing details for that. It will land for Android phones and tablets at some point this fall.

Source: Nuance

Joseph Keller