The NOW Watchface brings futuristic style to your smart watch

If you've been craving a futuristic, sci-fi inspired watchface for that awesome new smartwatch, then we've got you covered. The NOW Watchface gives you all the info you crave at a glance, and does it with style and plenty of customization options to boot. If you aren't familiar with this Android Wear watchface, NOW is the time — and the watch face — to do it with.

Tha Phlash is known over on Google+ for his gorgeous and functional watch faces, amongst other other things. NOW has a fantastic futuristic feel, with a dual analog and digital display. The analog time is displayed at the top on a spinning dial, with only the current time highlighted. A digital readout of time, available in 12 or 24 hour formats, shows up on the side. You get the date, including the day of the week displayed just under the time, followed by current weather conditions, and your current battery life. All four of the info displays have fully customizable color, and can be turned on or off. An additional option for your battery allows you to have it display as a gauge, instead of a digital readout.

NOW watch face on your phone

If you thought those were all of your options for customization, well, we've barely scratched the surface. With the clock face you have customization options for the date, digital display, battery and weather, which we've already outlined. You also have a list of general settings which gives you more control over things like the Ok Google position, peek cards, location type, and the interval for weather updates. Your general settings and clock settings can both be accessed via your phone, and are laid out in a very intuitive fashion.

On your smart watch you can also easily access all of the clock face customization options by going into the settings. Depending on the size of your watch face, some of the options can get squished so be careful when placing all of your features. There are even a few aesthetic options for the watch face in the form of the marker for the analog display, and a back vent on the left side of the watch face.

NOW Watcface on your smart watch

The NOW Watchface has a slick futuristic display, plenty of customization options, and a clean display that lets you get your information at a glance. With all of this, it should go without saying that this watchface is definitely one to check out. Have you tried out the NOW watch face, or is there a better futuristic display we should know about? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Jen Karner

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