The monthly Android Distribution list is always fun to look at. It's an important list for developers who need to know which software version they should target and which features it makes sense to include in their application. It's also fun for us nerds to just appreciate how big and diverse Android really is.

Android Platform Versions

The latest numbers are out, and Android 8.0 Oreo has made its first appearance. It only holds 0.2% of the active Android install base, but if we extrapolate that out over the 2 billion active Android devices, that could be as many as 40 million devices on Oreo. That's a lot of Pixels, Nexus phones and Sony Xperia XZ1's.

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Marshmallow still holds the most users with 32% of the Android market, with Lollipop trailing it with 27.7%. Nougat gained 2 percentage points in market share since last month, and now holds 17.8%. Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich are still around with 0.6% each.

If past years are any indication, we still have about six months before Oreo starts picking up steam. This usually happens when the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series get updated and altogether new devices begin launching with Oreo as the de facto OS.

Which version of Android are you using? Let us know down below!

Android Oreo