In last week's poll we asked if you're playing Pokemon Go. Catching those tiny pocket monsters has turned into a craze that has swept the world. Not everybody is ridiculously excited about this game though, and that's fair. While this game has exploded and pulled in thousands upon thousands of people, it isn't up everyone's alley.

That's why we wanted to know whether you were playing Pokemon Go.

In first place, with 38.9% of the vote was "I'm not playing and I wish people would stop talking about it." Pokemon players managed to snag second place, with "Of course I'm playing" getting 33.4% of the vote. "I'm not playing Pokemon Go" managed to grab third place with 16.7% of the vote. In last place, with 11% of the vote was "I've downloaded it, but I haven't played much."

So adding all of those votes up, means that 44.3% of you have at least given Pokemon Go a shot. However, 55.7% have decided that Pokemon Go isn't your thing and you aren't playing. Do you know a lot of people who aren't playing? Want to tell us why it's worth it to play? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know about it.