A non-official XBMC build released, promises a new level of user friendliness

XBMC, the well known open-source program that brings a set-top style media player experience to almost any device, has a new custom build tonight from the folks at XBMC for Android. This version is still filled with all the goodies you expect from XBMC -- things like the awesome meta data scraping XBMC is famous for -- and has a few twists that should make it easy to set up and use.

The biggest difference with this particular build is the way a third party media player can be integrated. As of now, XBMC built stock for Android does not support hardware rendering in the player. To fix this, the folk at XBMC for Android have integrated support for MX Player to handle all the heavy lifting, while still using XBMC's interface and options.

Take a look at the source link and give it a go if you've been waiting to try XBMC on your Android device. 

Source: XBMC for Android

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • As one of the XBMC devs thanks Jerry for getting the "non-official" bit right unlike other sites reporting this
  • I watched the video on that page and it doesn't really tell me anything about what this does! Now I have to go back to reading... ugh!
  • Trying it out now. I’m not a real good test subject because I’ve only tested the waters with XBMC and don’t know near enough about it, but the first thing I noticed was as a user of Android, XBMC interface just feels too small to me. It will probably look fantastic on my Big Screen at home but this is a touch screen and we need larger areas to push on. I mean selecting files lines is tough and I have a 4.7in screen. The file lines are just too close together. They’ve done nothing to format the UI to feel good on a phone. Then there is the case of the add-ons. I’ve run through a lot of the basic add-ons for TV and Movies and a very small number of the streams actually work. So as for accessing my movies and music on my phone, doing it through XBMC is not going to be my first choice. For me the idea of using it was to gain access to online streaming content but XMBC doesn’t really offer anything that say iMediaShare doesn’t. Difference is iMediaShare is set up with large colorful buttons in an easy to use UI. I’m guessing that XBMC will do much more than I’m aware of right now and I’ll keep playing with it to see but first impression isn’t a good one.