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Nokia's turning green, Android is green — this is not a coincidence

Mobile World Congress

We've had a few folks today mention that Nokia is going green for Valentine's Day this year. Odd, but whatever. And perhaps it's a bit of a stretch to say that Nokia is going green, Android is green, so we should expect some Android from Nokia at Mobile World Congress in about a week and a half.

Only it's not a stretch. 

We still don't know exactly what's going down, but Nokia's press invite also is employing that same color scheme. And our pals at WPCentral are basically spelling it out for us. And all that comes on the heels of the WSJ report saying that, yes ...

Gear up for some Nokia-Android love in Barcelona on Feb. 24.

Thanks, Neoi, for the tip!

  • Aren't these phone color green from the leaked photos?
  • So a look in the crystal ball shows two mobile OS in the future iOS and Android? Nokia and Microsoft looking at android infrastructure and apps....interesting times
  • BB is also running android, they can now download android .apk's. So yea, it kinda looks like it. Cant wait till other OS'S are hitting our markets Posted via Android Central App
  • BB is not running Android, it runs android apps. Kinda a difference. Nokia is actually making and Android phone. I do not want iOS/WP/BB apps to "run" on our phones. It never really quite works out well. If your gonna make an app for android, make an android app. don't half-ass it.
  • Says the man with an unlimited dev budget.
  • Dont need one. I make an iOS app and an Android app and I have 95% of the users covered.
  • Hahahahahaha that silly comment made my day. No, this phone is for the ultra-low end market and is from Nokia, not Microsoft, while Microsoft will continue to make Windows Phones exclusively after they're done buying Nokia.
  • Almost certainly correct ... almost ;-)
  • Its gonna be interesting. From all reports it will be a neat test of Kit Kat on low end hardware.
  • Yup!
  • So the hex code for the new Nokia color is 66be5a. According to the hex code for "Android Green" is A4C639.
    Close but no cigar
  • Not even that close!
  • I have to laugh at AC being in the hex code for Android green. Posted via Android Central App
  • This may sound like a stupid question however if Nokia is making an Android handset, what happened to the news that Microsoft purchased their Handset division? I just assumed from what I glanced over (I didn't read it all word for word hoever got the general jist of it) that there would be no more Nokia handsets full stop (let alone further Nokia Lumias) Unless when they meant no more Nokia handsets going forward was no more Nokia-branded Windows Phones, leaving the door open for Android handsets?
  • It was just an assumption that there'd be no more Nokia phones; a very wrong one at that. Also the buy out is taking longer than expected so Nokia have to keep doing what they do, and that's releasing new phone. It remains to be seen what MS will do with these Nokia Android phones when they do purchase them; but I think they will keep them going. After all they sell way more software than just Windows and while they want Windows Phone to succeed they also have to ensure Skype, Bing, Xbox, Outlook, Office and many more do well, so they need to have a presence on Android as it is so massive.
  • Under the terms of the acquisition: 1. Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile device unit.
    2. Microsoft gets to own the Lumia and Asha brands.
    3. Nokia keeps the Nokia brand.
    4. Nokia cannot manufacture or sell mobile phones/tablets for a couple of years (2 years, I think).
  • I know this is going to be a heavily customized version of Android on low end hardware, but if they were to come out of left field and launch the Lumia 1020 wih Android, I'd crap my pants in joy.
  • +1
    Although if they swing to right field and there is no Android device from them what so ever I'm gonna crap myself from laughter Posted via Android Central App
  • Looks like another fork. No thanks. If it was a full fledged Nokia Android phone with GApps, I'd be all over that device.
  • Bring it on!
  • +1
  • So Google is getting out of designing and selling handsets but Microsoft decides it will. Exciting times Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105
  • What would be kinda awesome is if Microsoft makes the Nokia brand about selling low cost Android handsets, and if they get Play services. That would be a bigger deal to me than a fork and app player in Windows Phone.
  • Microsoft doesn't get the Nokia brand. Nokia is keeping it. Microsoft gets the mobile devices business and the Lumia and Asha brands.
  • You mean Google hasn't trademarked that shade of green so no one else can use it?
  • They might well have done - but it would only apply in telecommunications; it wouldn't stop anyone, for example, opening a A4C639 restaurant.
  • This is an odd situation. On the one hand, I find it hard to believe Nokia would release this phone without checking with Microsoft first. On the other hand, I cannot imagine Microsoft giving the OK for something like this.
  • Microsoft can't - yet - stop them. And they might well have accepted the argument "We've spent a few million developing it, let's see if it floats" On the other hand, the whole thing maybe Microsoft's Big Joke. No Android at all; never was.
  • Nokia wouldn't check with Microsoft first, nor would Microsoft be able to sqaush the idea. Until the acquisition is completed and Microsoft actually owns Nokia's mobile phone business, Nokia and Mircrosoft are legally required to continue operating as separate companies. Can you imagine the shareholder lawsuits if something happened to make the deal fall through AFTER Nokia killed future projects because Microsoft wasn't going to want those devices?
  • Great point. Would love the 36 megapixel nokia camera on a kitkat phone. Hmmm. Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105