Nokia HERE Lollipop

Nokia has released a new beta version of its HERE Maps app for Android devices that, among other things, allows it to work with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The beta version will also soon be available on Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

According to a blog post, Nokia said:

With Android Lollipop being released earlier this week and knowing how many of you love to have the latest software on your phone, we made sure that HERE for Android plays nicely with it. We fixed the bug that stopped the application from starting and we are looking forward to hearing what early fans of Android Lollipop think about HERE for Android.

In addition, there's an improvement in this beta for the app's voiced turn-by-turn navigation feature. Nokia said:

We've now ensured that the downloaded voice files are kept safe and sound. The fix means that you will have to redownload any non-English voices. But they won't accidentally disappear anymore if you're using a 'cache cleaner' app on your smartphone.

What's your impression of HERE Maps for Android now that's its been available for for a little while?

Source: HERE blog