Noke padlock will allow owners to unlock it via Android app

There will always be a need for padlocks to secure doors and other items and today a company called FŪZ Designs revealed a new kind of lock, the Noke, that supports Bluetooth and can be opened with the help of an Android app.

FŪZ Designs says:

"We designed Noke to be the simplest electronic device you own. Once you've downloaded our iOS or Android app, Noke automatically finds and pairs to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. You can name your Noke and even give it a photo if you like. That's it. To unlock Noke, simply press the shank. Noke wakes up and searches for your phone or a shared phone. If the phone is within 10 feet, Noke will instantly unlock so you can be on your way. No need to launch an app or remove your phone from your pocket or purse."

The Kickstarter campaign is looking to raise $100,000 and as of this writing it has already generated over $26,000 in donations. People who pledge at least $59 will get the Noke, which is supposed to be $30 less than the regular retail price. There's also an optional custom chain and bike stand that will add $20 to the price. Shipments of the Noke are supposed to begin in February. What do you think of this concept of a Bluetooth connected padlock?

Source: Noke on Kickstarter

John Callaham