What you need to know

  • Verizon marketing roadmap shows the Pixel 4 will launch this October.
  • This lines up with previous launches of past Pixel phones
  • Google recently confirmed the Pixel 4's design with an official render.

The leaks are starting early this year for the Pixel 4, and what's even more shocking is Google is confirming them. If you had your hopes up that it could mean the Pixel 4 would launch early, then you can calm down.

A leaked Verizon marketing calendar for tier one devices has confirmed the Pixel 4 is launching in October. That should be no real surprise for anyone who has followed the Pixel launches in recent years, since the last three Pixel phones were all announced in October.

As for what we already know about the new Google flagship, not much has been revealed. From the confirmed rendered image, we can see Google is shaking things up with a new design this year.

No longer will the Pixel have its two-tone styled back which really helped it stand out in the crowd. Instead, the Pixel 4 will stand out by having a huge square camera bump which will house two cameras, the flash, and perhaps a depth sensor.

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While I'll personally miss the two-tone design, after three generations, it was about time for a new look, though it's unfortunate that it appears to be the same boring glass slab we've come to expect from every other flagship device. Besides confirming the back design, not much else is known.

However, it is expected the new Pixel will include the latest Snapdragon 855 processor and will of course launch with Android Q.

Google Pixel 4: News, rumors, leaks and more!

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