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What you need to know

  • Nioh 2 released back in March 2020.
  • Team Ninja has added photo mode to the game in a new update.
  • Team Ninja also revealed that the first DLC pack, titled The Tengu's Disciple, is set to release on July 30.

Nioh 2 released a couple of months ago on PlayStation 4 and the developers at Team Ninja are continuing to provide support. Today, the team revealed that Nioh 2 is getting photo mode in an update that is available now. This photo mode includes settings like image exposure, gradation, lighting, tint and various filters.

As previously shared, Nioh 2 will get three DLC packs and the first of these is called The Tengu's Disciple. It's aiming to release on July 30. Here's the teaser description for the DLC:

A great battle has taken place at Yashima in the late Heian period. As a visitor in Yashima, our protagonist finds a shrine possessing a mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru. Upon inspection, the whistle shines radiantly as the shadow of Yokai can be seen lurking in the background. It is revealed that whenever wars take place, heroes wielding the Sohayamaru will head into battle in order to restore peace back into this land.

We'll continue to provide updates as the two remaining DLC packs are detailed in the coming months. Right now, Nioh 2 is available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Nioh 2 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

The Yokai await

Nioh 2 cover art

Nioh 2

Welcome to Japan

Nioh 2 looks to expand on the fast-paced, unrelenting action of the first game from Team Ninja. You'll have to fight your way through monstrous foes set in 16th century Japan, a land torn by war. This time around, you can transform into a monstrous Yokai.

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