Nintendo shares skyrocket by 24% thanks to Pokémon Go

Nintendo shares in Japan have surged after Pokémon Go launched in select markets. The game has turned out to be an immediate success for the company and it's hoped it will boost Nintendo's mobile business. As reported by CNBC, stock for Nintendo closed on Monday up by 24.52% at 20,260 ($199.70) per share. For those unfamiliar with all this Pokémon business and why it matters, it's essentially the world of Pokémon on your phone in virtual reality.

Players are tasked with heading outside to find and catch Pokémon. (Sorry to those who enjoy lazing around at home on mobile games, you'll need to head out that front door.) The game has been well received and the share bump for Nintendo reflects the demand for the title in other markets. Pokémon is expected to launch in Japan soon, as well as the UK and more. The title itself is a free download for both iOS and Android smartphone owners, but there are in-app purchases available.

It's estimated Pokémon Go enjoyed a 400 million to 500 million yen ($3.9 million to $4.9 million) turnover on the first day alone. Should the title maintain its strong position on available app stores, it will provide ample competition to the likes of Clash of Clans and other freemium games. As for Nintendo, the company is currently enjoying the $7.5 billion that's been added to its market value.

Rich Edmonds