The new Google Play store design is now on the web, too

That fresh, new card interface design that we've grown to love in the Google Play app has now made its way to the website. All the content is still there, they've just made it a bit easier to navigate and made it look a lot more modern and in-step with Android's new design language.

You can still rent and purchase videos, buy books and devices, subscribe to magazines, and even install Android apps right to your phone or tablet from the site. Now it's easier to discover content and navigate with big blocks that hold all the information you need. Differences include much bigger screenshots for Android apps and other content, and it's all done up in Google's webP format for speedy loading. There's even a menu sidebar on the left like we've seen in the new style of Google apps. It's a big change, but we're liking what we see. Check it out and see if you feel the same.

Source: Google Play (opens in new tab); via +Google Play

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I'm just glad they finally updated the G+ notification bar. Posted via Android Central App
  • I like this new look for Google Play. There is one thing I don't see, though, under My Apps. The store used to organize the apps by device so I could see what apps were on which device. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore. Or am I just looking in the wrong place?
  • I don't see it anymore either. I'm not even seeing the feedback button that was on the previous version of the Play Store's website. The update is visually pleasing. When it comes to functionality? Not so much of an update.
  • Same here. Not liking this new format at all. Also, the my apps section takes forever to load.
  • if you click on green installed button on the app page, the dropdown should say if its installed.
  • Yes, but you shouldn't have to. That is a major step back if you have to do that.
  • Yes it's good that they copied from windows live tiles because this is the modern futuristic design now.
  • ditto, and for me, it's a deal breaker. Also, how do you uninstall from the browser like I used to be able to do. Two strikes Google. Push me over the cliff.
  • Used to be able to uninstall apps for website and see at a glance wat is intalled on phone. Sucks bad, hope they go back to old format.
  • I only have one device, but it used to separate the apps actually installed vs. the ones simply in my library. It doesn't seem to do that now. Love the design though! Posted via Android Central App
  • That's also my problem with the new design. I wish it was separated to know which is already installed and which isn't. And is it just me, but do I have to go through an extra step To just download an app.
  • Yeah, yeah, looks nice, yadda, yadda, yadda. BUT... - My apps section is even more useless than before (I never used the update/uninstall option from the web, but well, that's gone now. Viewing purchased apps? Still not there! Sorting options for devices not there anymore, it's a fucking MESS.
    - What the hell happened to the review section?! ALL THE SORTING OPTIONS ARE GONE! That was one of my favorite features! I had a problem with an app? Look at the Play Store and see if I'm the only one! If not, bug hunting/reaching out to the dev. And BAM, gone.
    - I would still like to have better included Charts/Special Offer section. I use apps for that but having it build in would be much easier for the non-power user.
    - Still no possibility to gift apps? Hello? The Apple App Store has that already for over a year. What's so hard with using the same technique to send someone an app like typing on someone's gmail address - or G+ name because they are riding the G+ train hard. Sorry, Google seems to make more and more 'one step forward and two steps back' updates to important things lately - see how G+ Locations is much more useless now, taking away Maps features like the MyMaps option, etc...
  • Agreed. Far too many stories on AC are uncritical, fawning over form, forgetting about function. To quick to praise, to to seldom to pan.
  • so agreed! not to mention that obviously google devs are using some killer machines when testing, but for slower or even normal pc's, whole idea of css3 transitions both on g+ and g play loses everything and becomes just annoying.
  • Shows that all of the apps I own are installed on all of my devices which isn't true. Looks good, but they seem to have jumped the gun on rolling this out. Or, the settings are not obvious. I see almost nothing that would let me filter the apps in the way that I might like to. Starting to realize that Google can be pretty bumbly. Like the maps release without an offline storage feature which appears to have been an oversight. Yikes!
  • Were 'Add to Wishlist' and 'My wishlist' just added with the redesign? I don't recall seeing those on the web until now. Now when I find an app on my desktop, like when AC links to it, I don't have to search on Google Play on my device to add it to my wishlist. That's nice.
  • Looks really nice. Unfortunately it actually needs to be used, not just looked at, and all the functionality has disappeared. Why is there no manage devices section anymore? About the only thing left to do is install apps, there is no other app management available. Google really needs to bring these things back.
  • Agreed. I have two devices. Can't tell which apps are installed on which device without opening up the app card. Apps I have uninstalled still show up as Installed. There is no indication of which apps have an update. In a nutshell...the My Apps section is completely worthless. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed. They went for form over function on this update. So much for managing my apps from my desktop. It's a useless mess now.
  • Still can't search specifically for previously installed apps, at the very least priority should be given to them. An advanced search wouldn't hurt at all either...
  • Hmm, team blackout can't fix this one... Rarely use the web interface... With this new design style, I'm thinking I'm not going to like 5.0 whenever it arrives. Posted via Android Central App
  • Has anyone seen where you can update an app on a device from the web? That was one of my favorite features. Posted via Android Central App
  • With so many of the old features removed with this UI update, I won't be surprise if they removed that too.
  • Yes it appears that it has been removed. Why do you supposed they striped that functionality out? My guess is people were using it to try to trigger installs of stuff that was being slowly rolled out. Like when new gmail app or even popular third party apps were announced, everybody jumped the web site and tried to push an update. That can trigger a bandwidth crush. The last time I tried this (for the new Chrome) it simply installed the old one again, even after i un-installed it. Nothing I could do would force the new version, which finally showed up a couple days later. Google's way of saying "Get back in line and wait your turn mister!". I can see why this might be necessary, given the sheer number of android devices, they have to manage the total bandwidth somehow.
  • The sad thing is really that google and by extension android, think that their designs are actually attractive. They look like a coloring book for a 10 year old. There is no inovation here, its a retrograde to their childhood and one that is entirely unappealing. Please get rid of your design guidelines and bring back application designers with a sense of athtics and individuality.
  • Play store looks nice, completely useless in function.
    How do I delete old apps?
    How do I know what apps are on what device ?
    I have several devices, and have tried hundreds of apps(and uninstalled most, and yet there they all are, listed as installed on some non-existent magical singular device -- WTF ), and I have only been on Google play 3 months. What's it going to look like after a year ?
    Come on! get real.
    We need to sort actually installed apps BY device.
    We need to be able to uninstall from the web.
    We need to be easily be able to read reviews.
    In short, we need the old playstore back, maybe with the pretty new fonts...
    Maybe an extra item in settings, to completely kill off old and long gone devices.
  • It is SUPER slow and buggy for me.
  • I loved it when Google started to focus on design and actually make their software look good. It was great. But nowadays, since the Google Maps on Android update, Google seems to be changing designs WHILE removing features. This is not the Google I love. Like WTH? The best thing about Google products are the vast features they have. Now with the Google Play Store on web update ... it's happening again: New look considerably less features. Not good. Two thumbs down, Google. Two thumbs down.
  • It seems like this is happening with so many of the big sites. between one visit and another, things change too often and you have to get used to a new format, and almost invariably it's worse than before. All the useful features are gone, as elucidated by many posters here. Strangely, Google doesn't seem to want our input. there is no place to leave any feedback unless you try to go in through one of their other preset problems (they called me right back, said they'd give me an apropriate email to leave that feedback right after i answer a survey about the call, which i did, and then the call ended!) The thing is it's so extensively worse that it's as if it's deliberate, but i can't figure out why they would want to make it suck so much! It's like, get us sucked into living our online lives around google, and then go through an exhaustive agenda to downgrade our experience...why? i don't know about you, but i need a couple extra thumbs to sufficiently express my annoyance.
  • Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto!!! You have put into words the exact frustrations I feel. I tried for an hour to find some way to leave feedback about the lack of options to 1) uninstall an app and 2) to change the status of apps I previously installed and later uninstalled. I even tried a fruitless search in Google Play's Help. They don't want to hear any negativity so they don't allow ANY input.
  • It's totally useless IMHO. A good round up of what's changed here
  • unintuitive on a computer. reading reviews is a confusing chore with no sortability.
  • No more filtering in reviews section. That's lame... Posted via Android Central App
  • Gosh darn this update sucks. I don't really know what Google is doing right now with their ecosystem. The new Play Store is not even pretty! It tells me that every damn app I've ever installed and then ditched is still installed. All the good functionality is gone, and the font is just fugly on a lower screen res laptop. GOOGLE STAHP!
  • I agree. Since then I am trying various 3rd party software for administration and synchronization of my device. None so far I could recommend.
  • I decided to send a hate review to the Google Play team, then go to bed and wait this morning to see if it was all a dream. Sadly no ... seems like Apple DID hack Google Play and made their thing. Trololol! Posted via Android Central App
  • Oh crap, you can't even find accessories for Nexus 10 anymore ... what's up with that!
  • What really burns MY a$$ is the way the design truncates the title of the apps (books, movies, whatever)in this card view. You know, Apple does this too, and probably others. I don't know what idiot designer thought this was OK, but it makes for a painful browsing/search experience. Damn near useless...
  • Does not support Opera.
  • The truncated title design seems to be the new hotness all over the place, and it sucks. Not sure where they're going but taking away simple functionality is bullshit. It's a mess.
  • You'd think being Google and all, they'd be able to do a proper redirect from their old URL to the new one instead of giving me a 404 error. Yeesh...
  • The new design is pretty bad. Why are all of my uninstalled apps showing up under My Apps ? And why is it just one big list of apps instead of separated by device? Where is the uninstall button? Not enjoying what Google has been doing lately at all. Hangouts app stinks compared to old Google Talk app. New Maps app stinks, got rid of Latitude, got rid of the standalone Navigation icon/interface. What is going on over there?
  • Couldn't agree with you more. Google has been taking some dramatic steps backward with usability. I first noticed this when I had to join Google+ to post feedback, and Google changed my Picasa account to the horrible mess that it is now. It used to be easy to find what I needed to do when I wanted to organize, delete, move photos... Now it's a mess. They're extending this "giant card" look to everything, and removing lots of useful stuff along the way. I can't believe someone signed off on this. Just when the Play Store started getting fixed and it was easy to find stuff, they change it. Ugh. Google is becoming a nightmare. Sometimes it's OK to leave crap alone if it works.
  • Google! What are you thinking? It's sloooow. It doesn't have as much functionality as before. It won't let me sort reviews by device. It looks like windows 8. Did you do any user testing before you released this nightmare? You call this progress? I wan't the old version back NOW!!!
  • I read several Android websites, and Android Police has a pretty thorough rundown on what is new and what is gone (and boy is it a lot of stuff.) Between the Maps and the Play Store upgrades, I am very underwhelmed with the new direction Google's services have taken lately. :( There ARE some good things in the updates, but the upsides are (so far) outweighed by their loss of functionality. It would be nice if there were more information about what their intentions are for features that disappear without warning. Are they gone forever? Coming back? What's the deal Google?
  • Can't even +1 an app so I can easily share it on G+! Copying and pasting the URL in my post almost killed me. :P Yes, missing filters on reviews is horrible, just horrible.
  • It's a sad day when almost every useful feature is gone and one has to resort to suggesting that Google Play LOOKS better. It doesn't! And just think, Google Play on my Nexus 4 actually has more brains than my desktop version, it tells me which apps are installed.
    Does the new and primitive Google Play have to stay that way? Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not liking this trend of removing useful features.
  • Looks and acts like something Hasbro designed for kids, which is fitting of the Play Store name. What the hell is Google smokin?
  • Possibly the same degenerative brain disease that makes them think that an OS is just a glorified web browser. F*** you, Google.
  • The new Play Store is just awful. Did Google hire some former Microsoft Windows 8 developers? Take features out because less than 50% of the users use it, instead of adding new features to make it better. Bad move Google. I'm now using AppBrain instead of Google Play.
  • How do we uninstall from the web play store??? I hate the tiles scheme. Where is the view by device? Android does not need to look like Windows 8. Please put back the old web play store.
  • Looks cleaner but don't copy Windows! Google you are better than that!
    It used to separate the apps actually installed vs. the ones simply in my library.
    I could uninstall easily, now....who knows how you can do that.
    I could easily update my apps before.
    Google is usually user friendly, but Google play has become a maze, I am lost and see no way out!
  • Google: While we're on the App install page, can you at least put the uninstall button next to the install button; then allow users to select which device to uninstall from? This is similar to the current install button. PLEASE!!!!!
  • I'm not going to sit hear and praise Google for making things pretty on the surface but removing several key features--as already mentioned by other users in this forum. Agree with pretty much what everyone said about Google going in the wrong direction. The only thing I find useful in this new version is the "wish list" feature. For the rest, Google makes it difficult to effectively manage one--let alone multiple devices. I now have to go to my phone directly to see which apps require updates. They already made it a challenge to revert back to previous versions of an app if the updated one didn't work.
  • Let's stop buying anything from the Web Google Store or use the web google better yet not visit there any fore for a while. Maybe Google will get the hint to put it back.
  • OMG, this has to be the greatest disaster since Windows Millennium.... WTF are you thinking Google, there is a complete lack of functionality, especially for those with more than 1 device, no way to filter comments, and the thing is soooooo slooooowwww, on my slightly old, but very serviceable Windows 7 64 bit Laptop.... Is there any way to revert to the old Play??? I guess not, but just asking??
  • Like wise - This is a big mess Google.
  • Could not agree more with the VAST majority of the posts on this site...I have 5 devices to try and manage and the new site with the reduced functionality is just plain style over substance. Google PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us the manage apps functionality back!!!
  • Recent Google releases remind me of the movie Idiocracy. Retarded designers tell retarded programmers to write retarded software for supposedly retarded people. But we are not retarded. We just think that Google is in the stage of being overrun by idiots.
  • This is a big disappointment for developers. Only 48 search results are shown, thats horrible for small developers. And the promo image is not shown anywhere :(
  • I am disappointed that you can no longer uninstall from the web site. Why was that removed?
  • These latest updates (Google Play - Web and Google Device Mgr) by Google are starting to leave a sour taste in my mouth and question a decision I made a few months ago to move away from IOS.
  • It's ABSOLUTELY horrible!!! There no star evaluations anymore when I search for an app. I will dump Android if this doesn't get fixed!!! Google really puts out a bunch of crap and then stops products that were good (google sync) and essential. They are trying to FORCE everyone to Use ONLY their products! How un-American is that!?! I'm so ticked off by all this recent stuff I'm cancelling my gmail account and getting rid of my Android phone! GOOGLE IS EVIL (and STUPID)!
  • The new Google My Apps webpage needs major help. Besides not being able to sort out by device, and showing what is on that device, (NEEDED for parents who control children's tablets!), does anyone else have the problem with the long, long, LONG scrolling down, down, down, and then down even more to locate an app on the My Apps page? The website use to have it all neatly arranged with several apps listed on a page, and a next and previous button. But, now, all I get is one long column of two apps side by side...and endless downward scrolling. For those new comers to android that's fine and dandy. But, I've been using the Google App store for YEARS! And have had so many devices I can't remember them all. Therefore that listing under MY APPS is so long and impossible to use! All I want to find is whatever app I had on whatever device I had a few years ago, or recently that I can't recall the proper name of. Using my PC makes this impossible to do. I was so frustrated I tried using one of my android devices to search for an app I once had, well guess what! It isn't even in alphabetical order! Talk about scrolling forever...that is the new theme with Google Play
    Store app updated website - "Scroll Forever" As a last resource, I've had to do a search in the actual Apps Store page to find an app I had on another device once upon a time. But, this doesn't work for app names forgotten, nor to figure out what device has it installed. I have uninstalled apps off my old devices I no longer use or own. But, they are now, by some miracle of the Google My Apps Fairy, listed as "installed!" Try finding what else you need to install when you have a new phone. Just try...useless and ever so frustrating. And there is nowhere at all to send a feedback to Google about this new website. *sad sigh* Surely, this has to be a mistake? From a multi-billion dollar company? Such a useless interface? Any company would go out of business fast, but they seemed to put a newbie to develop the site since they have such a stronghold on the Android Phone Market. They don't care anymore now that they are established. Anyone can tell me where to send feedback to Google about this horrible thing? Or does anyone know of a PC application that can help manage all my devices apps? Anyone one know of an app for my android device that can manage all my apps, even those not installed on said device, from over the years much better than Google Apps Store does? For - it gathers all my app info off of Google App Store My Apps and gives me back the functionality I had under the old Google My Apps webpage? Especially listing by device? I so need that.
  • A complete disaster. They might as well have discontinued the play store for browsers - all functionality but one have been removed. Installing is the only one left, and now that management is near-impossible, I'm going to be avoiding that one. Time to revisit the Amazon App store. I've hated that one with a passion since day one, but it can't possibly be worse than this. Or else go off the grid entirely. Boo hiss.