Nacon unveils new controllers for Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android, and Xbox consoles

Nacon Mg X Pro Xbox Game Pass Controller
Nacon Mg X Pro Xbox Game Pass Controller (Image credit: Nacon)

What you need to know

  • Nacon is a relatively new gaming accessory company that has previously be limited to Europe.
  • With the unveiling of a new line-up of premium gaming accessories, Nacon is planning on expanding into North America.
  • The new accessories include new controllers geared towards the Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One and PC.
  • There are also two controllers for Xbox Cloud Gaming, compatible with the majority of Android devices.

The expanding Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S line-up of official accessories continues to expand with today's announcement from Nacon, a growing gaming accessory company based out of Europe. Nacon is announcing a myriad of new next-gen gaming controllers today, with the intention to bring their expertise to North America for the first time with their Designed for Xbox accessories.

A total of four new controllers were announced, with two being geared towards Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Windows PC's. The other two are aimed at Xbox Cloud Gaming, letting players slot in their compatible Android device for seamless playing.

Nacon's new controllers will be available sometime in early 2021, with more information shared as we inch closer to launch.

MG-X Series

Source: Nacon

Nacon is joining the increasingly competitive cloud gaming arena with the debut of two new controllers specially build for use with Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming, a feature that allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to stream full Xbox games to their Android device and play with a controller (and sometimes touch controls). With Nacon, you'll have a choice between the standard MG-X, which features a more compact and portable design, or the MG-X Pro, whichs to offer as close to a full controller experience as possible without sacrificing the ease-of-use of this form factor.

Revolution X

Source: Nacon

The Revolution X is the highest end controller in Nacon's new line-up, aiming to offer a pro-level experience for hardcore gamers on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Windows. The Revolution X has a hefty, comfortable design, customizable profiles, joystick accessories, additional weights, a carrying case, and more. You'll still benefit from the new Xbox Series X and S features like the added Share button as well, which is also true of the other Xbox controller announced by Nacon.

Pro Compact

Source: Nacon

Pro Compact controllers are aimed at more casual gamers who still want a touch of the professional, with a smaller, more comfortable design and slightly less customization options. You'll still have programmable buttons, trigger sensitivity control, and much more with the Pro Compact controllers, but the more dimunitive size can be a big plus for gamers who prefer portability, or if you just have smaller hands. The controller was also shown off in both black and white, giving a players a chance to match their controller with their new console.

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