MrMobile on the Samsung Galaxy Watch: Buy it, but do it soon

In a sea of Gear Fit 2 Pros, Apple Watch Series 4s and Casio WSD-F30s, the name "Samsung Galaxy Watch" is something of a relief, isn't it? It has the dual advantage of simplicity and cachet, with Samsung's premium "Galaxy" brand not having been seen on a smartwatch since 2013. Paired with the early rumors that the Galaxy Watch would ditch Samsung's proprietary platform for Google's WearOS, many of us in the tech space expected it to be a real game-changer.

But the Galaxy Watch, it turns out, isn't here to shake things up. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Samsung is content to continue leveraging it -- in the form of a rotating bezel that's become the company's trademark. Instead of Google's recently-revamped WearOS, the Galaxy Watch sticks with the tried-and-true TizenOS (app gap be damned). It adds features -- casing sizes, battery life -- and it takes some away, too (RIP, MST).

The smartwatch that arises from this amalgamation of advances and compromises is still one of the best you can buy today, but with Apple pushing the boundaries of health monitoring and Google poised for a big comeback in 2019, is it a smartwatch fit for your wrist, or too much of a Torso Twist? Watch MrMobile's Samsung Galaxy Watch review above, then check out Android Central's deep dive to find out!

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